Expired Certificate error




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Post #6128 December 2007, 00:08
i can't delete my theme.. issit something wrong with my certificate?



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Post #6228 December 2007, 08:22
So can anybody help me plzz?
For the themes with the certificate expirated i have changed the date - and whn i try to install them i get this message "the data it's setup wrong the certificate is expired" ...and also i cant install again a few nice themes that i have uninstalled from my phone to install them in my memory card and i get this message "the application cant be installed" ;-(((((((((

what can i do?



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Post #6330 December 2007, 03:10
i found the problem on my phone

somewere ther was a option for certigicet and I just set it to off then it didi work



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Post #646 January 2008, 11:53
I can't open theme 4 my moblie nokia 6030, every time i download theme n try to open it, it says unknow format..

pls help me guys plz

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Post #656 January 2008, 11:56
wrong forum

you done open it, just save it and transfer it to your phone



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Post #669 January 2008, 00:53

Quote of user: Juliashka

well, I did that same with the dates... it worked on my N73 (ME) but didnt work on 6630... does anybody knows why?

My Cellphone is Nokia N73 ME. When i tried to install a program or themes , there is a problem, it shows "Certificate cannot be Authenticated" i try to change the date to 2006 and change the settings (Software installation [ ALL] and Online Certificate Check [ Off]
but it doesnt help..
Is there any option that will help?




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Post #679 January 2008, 14:38
hi.. i tried both procedure about the theme corrupt error message but it didnt work on my phone... still i cant install themes.. my phone unit is 6630 .. what iam going to do? please help. i really want to install themes on my phone.. thanks to those who can help me..



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Post #689 January 2008, 21:12
I have a problem whit Certificate authenticated on me phone I have a nokia E65 and I can`t instal any theme from this sie or from any site and I don`t now wat i can`t do please help mee and i attempt that thing whit the date but is not working please helppp and I`m sorry for me english



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Post #6913 January 2008, 11:10
thank u. for ur support i hgave sucessfully instaled the themes in my device



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"expired certificate error " just set the phone time back 1 years. exp : 14-01-2008 and change it to 14-01-2007 it's work just try it............ :


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