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Quote of user: boosh1990

hi i get a message saying certificate error. contact .........
does anyone know what to do then? or should i just delete it?
ps it happens with everyone i download.
thanks in advance

Did you read post #1??



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Post #1421 November 2008, 05:34
Hey Jeremy...
Thanks mate..the idea of chaging the date worked with me E71..
i was getting p****d by the error i was getting..tried everything but invain..thanks once again..



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Post #1435 November 2008, 06:53
Thx works just f9 now....



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Well,i changed the date and i chaged application manager signed to all etc....but if i chabge the date earlier than current time is says: Certificate not yet to be valid or your phone settings,etc.....and when date is normal Is just Certificate error...

What should i do?

Thx in advance.



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Hy there i got nokia n91 and i am also recieving the same problem even i have change the date and the year also but after the completion of installation its sayng unable to install, my mobile balance is detucting for every theme which i am downloading but at the end that stupid error unable to install, pleze guys solve this problem too. . . . .

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Hey Everyone.

I was having problems dowloading themes to my E65. I checked the forum for any help and followed this link that a guy had posted


I followed the instructions and now my phone downloads themes.




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Post #14713 November 2008, 13:04
guys..how about in nokia 5320xm..???



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Post #14815 November 2008, 09:49
hi dear all

i ve tried all ur opinion in the previous topic and post but still i have the same prob. i have found some good themes and it still saying certificate error contact ur supplier

i have an nokia N82

could any one help in that

P.S i did all the previous steps



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hi, i downloaded a crack file if thats what its called in my endeavor to get the "rotate me" application to work on my N73 and it seems to work wonders on any certificate problems i`ve had with installing anything on my phone, i aint no computer or mobile expert but found the instructions on downloading and installing this file quite easy to understand. This in my eyes has helped me say goodbye to any date changing of any sort. Hope this helps you out or anyone for that matter...............well worth a try!

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sorry geoff!


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