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When I try to install an application (E. g. theme, game, VPN client) to my Nokia device I get an error message: "Installation security Error. Unable to install" or "Certificate may yet not be valid, is expired or phone's day settings may be incorrect"

If you get such an error message, please set the device date to before 12.6.2007 (or for some applications maybe even earlier), and then this error doesn't appear and installation continues normally. After installation you may set date back to current date.

If this does not help then

Good Luck

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i realised that some zedgers are too lazy to use the search option 1st before they create a new thread... hahaha... looks like this kind of thread i've seen to many of them.. some kept asking the same question and zedgers will answer the same answer... i dun think this will have an end of it..



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Can't really blame the users. This whole mess stems from the way those geniuses from Nokia see DRM. Things would have been different had they chose a much simpler approach. But then, Nokia has its own way of annoying people..

Still, a quick-and-dirty solution has already been in place for so many months now. It's quite surprising to see many people still uploading free themes with certificates that are valid for only a year. For themes originally created for personal use and made available publicly in a free site, self-signed certificates should be more than enough (it doesn't make sense securing a true authenticated digital certificate just for this purpose). But self-signed certificates are not limited to just one year; there's a workaround that enables theme authors to generate key certificates with much longer periods; viz:

Download CygwinDLL from www.cygwin.com.
Run setup.exe and when installing, don't forget to include "openssl". Use the default settings for all other elements.
Run "Cygwin Bash Shell" which will bring up a DOS window, then run
the following three commands:

1) openssl genrsa -des3 -out test.key 1024
This generates the private key (test.key), here you need to give the passphrase.

2) openssl req -new -key test.key -out test.csr
This is an intermediate step, the certificate signing request is created.
You need to enter some information about the certificate.

3) openssl x509 -req -days 9125 -in test.csr -signkey test.key -out test.cer
This generate the self-signed certificate (test.cer).

Now you can use the test.key and test.cer in Carbide.ui or Theme Studio and make your theme certificate valid for 25 years.

I decided to use 25 years in my example because under the laws of my country, the term of copyright for applied arts is 25 years from the date of making. Well, if you find that applicable at all... lol

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I really can't thank you enough Mr.Jeremy,

I've suffering from this problem!!!! I felt so sick from my mobile!!!

thanks a lot,,,



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sorry but how do i set the device date?!



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Quote of user: henrysthamer

sorry but how do i set the device date?!

Most probably it will be under settings



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ye i didnt actually find it there but cheers anyways



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I still got the same message but not for all themes or applications



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Thankyou another way around this stupid error is move the date on your N95 back a year, install the theme, then change the date back to normal.

To change the date on your Nokia N95, follow these instructions:

Click on the Menu button, highlight Tools and click the centre selection key (the 'OK' key)
Highlight Settings and click the OK key
Highlight General and click the OK key
Highlight Date and time and click the OK key
Highlight the date and click the OK key
Use the Right navigation key to highlight the year. To change the year back one year, press the Down navigation key once
Press the red End key to return to standby mode.
Now install your new theme. If you still see the Expired certificate error, change the year back another year and try installing again.



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Jeremy the way which you suggeted doesn't work too ???

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