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I decided to write this up, to expand on Greenleaf_420's brief debranding guide that he posted here. I felt that alot more people would be more confident in doing it, if a more detailed guide was available.

Basically, this guide will run you through the proceedure of removing the firmware restriction that is often put on Nokia contract handsets. After you have finished, you will be able to update to the latest vanilla flavoured Nokia firmware, without any ugly operator logos or backgrounds.

Heads Up!
This will only work on handsets with user upgradable firmware. Check these sites to see if your phone is in the list.
* Nokia - Asia Pacific
* Nokia - North America
* Nokia - Latin America
* Nokia - Europe

This process will void your warranty, wave goodbye to it.

I provide this information with no guarantees. I wrote this guide based on work by other people, so it would be easier to understand for everyone, I take no credit for the actual discovery of this method. This information has been tried and tested by myself and various other people with success. I accept no responsibility for any loss direct or otherwise.

The Background:
Every Nokia handset is produced with a product code. The product code is a 7 digit number begining with 05 (I.E 0536075). These 7 digits codes are made up of 4 different pieces of information.
* The Model. (N95, N76 etc.)
* The Appearance. (Black, Plum, Red etc.)
* The Language/Region it was created for. (France, UK etc.)
* The Network that customised it. (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange etc.)

The problem exists, that while a phone has a product code stating it is locked to a network, it will only accept that networks firmware. My N76 was locked to Vodafone, and while it had its original product code, it would only accept Vodafone firmware. What we intend to do, is change the product code, and trick the phone into thinking it is operator free and unlocked, so the Nokia Software Updater will apply which firmware you like.

As long as you chose a product code for the same model without an operator lock, it will be fine. You can use one with a different colour or location, it does not matter. I'm currently using an product code for a Red N76 from Asia, for my Black N76 from the UK.

What You Need:
Nokia Software Updater - This is an application from nokia that allows users to update the firmware on their handsets without taking it to a service center. You can grab this application from one of the locations I posted above.

Nemesis Service Suite - This is the application that will do all the tricky work. You can get hold of the latest version from here.

GSM Magic a.k.a TNT Enforcer - This is a handy little application that allows you to click on greyed out or disabled buttons in any application. For some reason this programme has become known as GSM Magic but is actually called TNT enforcer. You can grab it here.

The Proceedure:
01 - Download and Install Nemesis Service Suite

02 - When you reach the Hardware Selection Page, leave the option as it is.

03 - Connect your phone via the appropriate cable.

04 - Wait for windows to install all the necessary drivers. (Make sure Nokia PC Suite is closed)

05 - Launch Nemesis Service Suite

06 - Click the "Scan" button in the top right of the NSS window.

07 - Click the "Phone Info" button on the main toolbar.

08 - Click the "Scan" button on in the right of the new pane.

09 - Launch TNT Enforcer (Without closing NNS).

10 - Click the enable text so it turns green.

11 - Enter your chosen product code in the "Product Code" box and tick "enable"

12 - Press the "Write" button.

13 - Close NNS and TNT Enforcer.

14 - Launch Nokia Software Updater and update to your lovely new Nokia Firmware

Product Codes:
Now, finding an appropriate product code is the hard part. It took me half an hour to find a code for my N76 that would let me update it to the new Nokia firmware. Try searching for the following terms:
* Nokia [Model] Unbranded (Nokia N95 Unbranded)
* Nokia [Model] Product Code (Nokia 6630 Product Code)
* Nokia [Model] Productcode (Nokia N91 Productcode)
* Nokia [Model] Generic (Nokia N76 Generic)

Hopefully this should turn up a few websites where people have posted product codes, or you could even make a request here, for a product code from someone with an unlocked handset.

Hope this helped.

This guide was based on the guide here by Nigel Coldwell.

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Good Work



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Sticky This Post... useful in a lot of ways!



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These are some of the Nokia N76's product codes.

Nokia N76 RM-135

0534909 APAC 1 Black
0542706 APAC 1 Red
0543059 Finland Black
0543066 APAC 2 Australia Red
0543072 APAC 2 Australia Black
0543076 Vietnam Black
0543079 Vietnam Red
0543087 APAC 2 India Red
0543090 APAC 2 India Black
0543100 Thailand Red
0543101 Thailand Black
0543108 APAC 1 Singapore Black
0543109 APAC 1 Singapore Red
0543110 APAC 1 Malaysia Red
0543111 APAC 1 Malaysia Black
0543112 APAC 2 Indonesia Red
0543113 APAC 2 Philippines Red
0543114 APAC 2 Philippines Black
0543116 APAC 2 Newzealand Red
0543117 APAC 2 Newzealand Black
0543118 APAC 2 Indonesia Black
0550463 Vodafone UK Black Finland

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Moved to Nokia forums, de-branding does not unlock a phone. But useful guide none-the-less



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Does anyone know how to debrand a Nokia 6280?



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actually now gsm magic is not needed since you can use nemesis as it is.



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i managed to debrand my n73 =D thanx for that dude!, ive got a nokia 3230...anyone have the product code for that? ;-p

oh yeah i didnt use that tnt program! =P



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Quote of user: XterC

i managed to debrand my n73 =D thanx for that dude!, ive got a nokia 3230...anyone have the product code for that? ;-p

oh yeah i didnt use that tnt program! =P

search google.. ull find it.



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Great Topic..thanks 4 the info


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