How will i find a true boyfriend?




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you could not find a true/perfect boyfriend. you will find something to him that you could not find to everyone. among of us have a diff uniqueness.



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I think relationships are a two way thing and if enough mutual respect is shown then maybe true happiness could blossom! But i don't think u should be looking for ur perfect/true boyfriend! they take hard work and commitment and it's something us men fail miserably with! Be patient and hopefully ur knight will find u! Good Luck!!



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how wil u find a true boyfriend....

u dont have to find him.. he just comes... even wen u least expect

hey gurl, it goes with the attitude, guys are sometimes unpredictable, well everyone is hehehe ... and a little prayer helps



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keep searching on zedge, u mite see that he just posted in ur topic



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Hi.. Everybody..thanks for all your words. I appreciate it. Well, all of you have a point. Thanks,

Maybe he is just near with me. I hope he will come soon.



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instead of wasting ur time trying to find someone...
u have to pray for it...
den God will give u d person u deserve...
and while waiting for it...make urself deserving...



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you dont have to find it, it will come along the way in god's time


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