The most popular eternal rivals?




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Which teams do u think are the most popular rivals in the world?
U can reply in your own language if u want to.

Eternal rivals.......Red Star vs. Partizan of course!



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REAL MADRID and F.C. Barcelona



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Quote of user: Czerwiel

REAL MADRID and F.C. Barcelona

I agree. And Celtic with Rangers...



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Olympiacos- Panathinaikos . . .



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Quote of user: Mitov

U can reply in your own language if u want to.

Just a note to everyone, you can only post in English



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There are lots here in England! I think one of the fiercest rivalries has to be Manchester United v Liverpool!

On account of both cities being not that far from each other geographically (about 45 minutes away along the M62) and the fact we're the two most successful English clubs in terms of silverware.

OK, each of us has their own local derbies, Liverpool v Everton and Manchester United v Manchester City but those can be rather unequal, unrequited rivalries, especially here in Manchester.

The gap between what United have achieved and what City have achieved is such that City hate us and are bitterly jealous of our success while we just think of them as a bit of a joke! After all, they've not won any silverware since the League Cup in early 1976 (yes, that's 31 years ago!), they're forever sacking their managers who only tend to get 2 years each at the most, their board of directors is split into factions and don't start me on some of their former chairmen and the wigs they've been known for....

Chelsea have only become rivals in recent years since that Russian geezer bought them and then bought two titles for them. Prior to that they were inconsistent for donkey's years and had only won the league once, back in the mid 50s, before Abramovich came along! In that rivalry, they want to be us and we look down on them as they've bought their titles rather than earning them like every other club has to! The sooner that crosseyed Russian gets bored and takes his money elsewhere, the better it will be for football!

But forget Chavski! United v Arsenal is far more like a proper rivalry! You have the trophies won element where both clubs have been fairly successful (Arsenal are 3rd behind Liverpool and United in terms of most trophy-laden English clubs) and there's also the element of major city v capital city and north v south. Plus there's rather a tasty history of controversial incidents in United v Arsenal and Arsenal v United games! (Even before Arsene Wenger became their manager, there was the legendary punch-up at OT in the early 90's when George Graham was Arsenal's boss!)



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LEVSKI - cska
Botev Plovdiv - Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Those are the biggest football clashes in Bulgaria.

In the world I can't say that one clash is greater than other, but for me they are
Manchester United - Liverpool
Real Madrid - Barcelona
Celtic - Rangers
Boca Juniors - River Plate



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Korona Kielce and KSZO Ostrowiec
From other leagues Inter and Milan



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Man utd and Arsenal

down wit arsenal



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Sporting Lisbon Vs Benfica
Galatasary Vs Fenerbache ( I remember seeing Graeme Souness planted the Galatassary flag in the middle of fenerbaches pitch when they beat them in a cup final hahahahah caused mayhem.)

None of these two are hugely popular but just thought Id add them to the list so far


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