Unlocked 6680 (BB5) with DKU5 & SUCCESS




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Please note: This IS freeware as it was written by Dejan from scratch and not a hacked nokia program.

BB5 Unlocker

2 sets of instructions.

1. Connect DKU-5 or normal COM cable to computer
2. Set proper COM cable (must be, between 1 and 9)
3. run `install.bat`
4. Open file c:/bb5_unlocker/logs/bb5_unlocker.cfg and write here proper COM port (1-9)
5. Run c:/bb5 unlocker/BB5logunlocker.exe
7. Click MAKE LOG, log will be created
8. Enter codes to phone (in /psw/ dir), or
9. Click SP UNLOCK to enter codes via FBUS

******* CONNECTION ******

For this program you need Fbus cable like DK5, CA43 or similar connected to ports from COM1 to COM9.
First unpack zip file and start install.bat

In file "c:\bb5_unlocker\logs\bb5_unlocker.cfg" with any text editor change your COM port setings!

******* USING ********

Program can be started successfully only if is COM port in file "c:\bb5_unlocker\logs\bb5_unlocker.cfg" adjusted properly.

Reading info data from phone and making BACKUP file for that phone (Field 308,1).

IMPORTANT DO NOT delete or modify that file because can save your *** if something goes wrong.

With that function can write backup file with Field 308,1 if exist in BACKUP folder.


Function for making log file . With that log file BB5_calc.exe calculating codes for unlock.
Working with BB5 phones with RAP3G v.2.x (6630,6680,6681,6682,n70,n90).
IMPORTANT phone must be without Sim card.

Making unlock with codes calculated by BB5_calc.exe.


Connect cable to PC and be shure com port is adjusted properly
Start BB5logunlocker.exe
Connect phone and switch on without Sim card.
press button READ PHONE and wait until get the message DONE.
If everything is correct you will see info from phone on screen.
Press button make log and wait until get message done.
Log file is in folder LOGS.
Start BB5_calc.exe to make for you PSW file in folder PSW
Press button SP UNLOCK and unlock your phone.

That is all folks

If you got unlock codes from your provider and you used all yours 3 attempts
to enter code via keypad then do the following:
into dir "c:\bb5_unlocker\psw" create a file "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_BB5.psw" where is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" enter your phones imei
then in that created file enter in the files start "#pw+bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb+c#" where is "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
enter your unlock code and where is "c" enter your logs level number (1-7).
save the file and use "SP UNLOCK" function

Just to add.. i tried to use this program and was unsuccessfull as i was using the WRONG USB cable...i had a CA53 to unlock my 6800 and failed, then i tried a DKU 5 which doesn't connect to my phone.
so i will be needing to use CA42 or DK-5 serial cable

Ok to avoid confusion on cables, let me try to explain, the simplest possible explanation i can make...

It is true that the phones 6630,6680,n70,n90,etc.. works with its bundled cable like ca-53 or dku-2. we can use it in pc suite, file transfer, phonebook management, etc... DKU2/CA53 cable is just a cable with wires and no chips/ic inside. The phone itself acts as a modem,ethernet, etc.. depending in the features.

It is also true that dku5/ca42 cable is meant to be used for models like 3220, 6070, 7210, 3200, etc... These models uses the dku5/ca42 thru it's pop port which is connected to the pc via fbus.

But since we are going to use dejan's bb5 unlocker, we are required to have a port to work with and will work with fbus. dku2/ca53 is usb and if you will open it up, you will only see wires inside and no chip/ic. Dku-5/ca-42 is a USB to serial converter. it has a chip/ic inside the usb cable. Since it is a USB to serial converter, it has an assigned COM Port. This is why we need a dku5/ca42 cable, in order for dejan's software to connect to the com port (may it be virtual or physical).

Now with regards to the error Enhancement not supported, this is an error of the phone saying something like that your cable is not fit to use for this phone. But like i said since we are going to unlock the phone we will of course ignore this error. By the way, please remove the simcard when trying to unlock.

^^After reading this, i started playing with my USB DKU-5 cable and got success
i went to my device manager and checked the driver of my cable and it was the Windows standard rather than the UNSIGNED one.. so tick the box to install your own driver and select the one thats called

Hope this info helps

Unlocked 6680 (BB5) with DKU5 & SUCCESS

this is when you goto your folder and use the BB5 Calc... it will create your phones password and place it into correct folder
then go back to logger program and select SP unlock



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Awesome guide! This HAS to get sticky!

Don't you have by any chance one for DB2020?



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DB2020's will need a special box and logs!

If you've got the one to do take it to a professional



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ok...now to finalise my phone by getting rid of the '3' network firmware and making my phone into the normal 'nokia' as it should be.

Nemesis Service Suite
Nokia Software Updater
GSM Magic

Install NSS (Nemesis Service Suite)
Install NSU (Nokia Software Updater)

Connect your phone and wait for Windows to install the drivers.
Open NSS and click on “Scan for new device” on the right-upper part of the window

Click on the icon « Phone info »
Click on “Scan”
Open « gsm-magic » without closing NSS, then push the button « Enable » of “gsm-magic”.
As you can see, now you can change the product code (on the right of the « phone info » window of NSS). For a Nokia 6680, type the product code 0521637 (this is the product code for France!) and then mark the case “Enable”.
Now press “Write”, and your phone’s product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds, but don’t worry, the product code changed !).
Close NSS and “gsm-magic” and you can proceed now with the NSU flashing.
When the flashing with NSU is over, start-up your phone and you’ll have the pleasant surprise that your phone’s firmware is the latest Nokia non-branded firmware in date!



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i tried it but it ddnt work



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Quote of user: hunkababes

i tried it but it ddnt work

which part didn't work...i cannot help if i don't know if it's in the connection department or the program usage... just explain a little and i'll try.



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Just tried the debranding after getting my N76 unlocked, and it worked like a treat.

Followed the guide here: nokia.nigelcoldwell.co.uk/firmware.htm

That site also has links to GSM Magic, NNS and even lists a whole bunch of product codes if you are too lazy to find one yourself.

Only thing I think I should include, is that when installing NNS, it pops up a screen with lots of options for what the program will be used for, just leave it with the option that is already selected!




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Does anyone know if this will work on a 6280? I've just been given one by my boss but only have an O2 sim and its locked to Orange.



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hmmm..what If I give you my phone`s IMEI ? can you give me back a unlock code :unsure:



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this software works with cables... and we dont have it... too bad... so can we just provide the IMEI?


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