HELP US! Are you using Zedge Mobile?




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Post #4119 July 2007, 05:32
works great for me, and i use it almost every day



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Post #4219 July 2007, 06:42
yes its working very good.I can't understand wts the problem??



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Post #4319 July 2007, 09:13
ya im using it quite often...& its really gr8...



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Post #4419 July 2007, 09:16
I use it regularly and it makes me aspire to get a better phone for it.



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Post #4519 July 2007, 09:19
My friend is also using it, I heard its always great!!!



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Quote of user: bad_monkey

works great for me, and i use it almost every day

same here



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Post #4717 August 2007, 02:41
I've tried several times to use the mobile site and so far it doesn't work for me. I've read in the forums that its because my phone isn't supported by the site (LG570 Muziq).

I've reported that my phone isn't supported in a forum thread for that purpose. It looks like there are quite a few unsupported phones on that list. Is it true that all of those unsupported phones represent (at least one and perhaps several for each model) people that aren't having a good experience using the site? To get more use of the site I think that getting those phones supported would take priority over anything else. IMHO

Any idea how soon those unsupported phones will be supported? What can I do to get my phone supported?

I have a lot of graphics I've done that I want to upload for my phone and much of it would be suitable for several others (I believe).



Post #4829 August 2007, 15:45
i use when im awy from my pc...which is hardly ever, but hand when i wanna ctch up with my pm and guestbook



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Post #491 September 2007, 16:48
I'm using Zedge mobile and for me it works fine so far! If any bugs should come out I'll let u know!



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Post #5010 September 2007, 15:09
Zedge Mobile is pretty decent, yeah. I use it about twice a day to check my guestbook and private messages.
But I don't use the wallpaper downloading option much though. Since I have to pay per MB it can wait until I get home

However, there is one thing that would make Zedge Mobile absolutely irreplaceable. And that is Forums
With access to the forums it would be, bar none, the most useful WAP site in the internet. A revolution if I may say so...

Yeah, it is possible to peek into the forums using the normal cellphone web browser too, but you can't make new posts with it. It screws up the "Topic Title" thingy or something
Besides, even with the data compression ability Opera Mini has it is still about 6 - 8 KB per page and that will generate quite some bill over time.

Oh one more thing, if you disable the "Show Images" setting in Opera Mini
( to reduce the size of pages ) you won't be able to see the buttons in the front menu anymore, thus being unaware where they will lead.
A small text below ( or above ) the buttons would mark the function of the button and even the users who want to keep the bill low wouldn't have to use trial-and-error tactics to get where the want to go.
I really have mostly memorized the places, but I thought you would appreciate every bit of feedback

So please, give our forum warriors a chance to post through their cellphones and I'm sure such act won't go unnoticed
I'll be waiting for your response...

PS: I think this thread would fit into the "Feedback and Suggestions" section a weee bit better.


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