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Here's how to
A) flash CID49 DB2010/DB2020 phones with PhoneXS 2

If you only want to upload / delete some files:
B) Uploading & deleting files with PhoneXS 2

First of all:
Important: It may take up to 5 hours!! to finalize your phone. / Once you have started the procedure there's no way back
So don't flash your phone, if you need it in the next few hours.


+ You can download PhoneXS here: (2.10 Alpha3)

+ make sure that main firmware flash file & filesystem flash file & custpacks are available for your phone BEFORE you start flashing

+ After flashing a filesystem flash file, DON'T turn your phone on, until you have customized it

+ Always charge your battery to 100% before flashing

+ Remove SIM card & memorystick before flashing

+ If your phone is not recognized, remove battery & insert it again

+Use this tool with a DCU-60 cable (standard usb cable that came with your phone) or a service cable of your choice

+ Always use the latest USB drivers

Warning: Don't flash GSlide Firmwares to W810 - not possible at the moment!

a) Flashing with Phone XS 2

That really easy, we'll just need

a) Firmware main file
b) Filesystem file

Sources for these files:
Firmware main + filesystem:

In this example we'll flash a K800 with firmware R1ED001 Generic and filesystem EUROPE_2.
So we'll head to and download these 2 files:

As these are .rar files, we have to extract them. That gives us:

Now it's time to download & start Phone XS.

The first thing we have to do, is to select the cable we are using.
We'll use a USB DCU60 (standard usb cable) in this example, which means we have to select "USB" and press "Connect".

Now PhoneXS profiles our phone and outputs some information:

As we are going to flash our phone with MAIN and FS (filesystem) firmware, We activate "Flash Main", "Flash File System" and "Customize File System" and use K800_R1ED001_MAIN_GENERIC_WI.mbn as "Main Firmware" and K800_R1ED001_FS_EUROPE_2.fbn as "File System".
Because we are flashing a filesystem we also have to customize. To do that we select a compatible CDA. As we are flashing a EUROPE_2 filesystem, we use a EUROPE_2 custpack.

Finally click "Flash" and PhoneXS will do its magic.

Note: After clicking "Flash" it can take up to 5 hours to finish the procedure. If the programm hangs after a while, your phone is most likely low on power >> recharge it

That's all

b) Uploading & deleting files with PhoneXS 2

You don't want to flash a firmware, just do some file uploading?
Then let's start.

After we have exctracted the tool, we'll have this folders:

The important folder is "files_to_upload". All files that are in this folder will be uploaded to the phone.

Let's say we want to upload a new with some images to the phone. The location of these files on the phone is:

We'll have to create in "files_to_upload" a new folder called "tpa", in the folder "tpa" we create a new folder called "preset", and so on...

Finally we'll have the folder "\files_to_upload\tpa\preset\system\menu".
Into this folder we'll copy the new and the images.

To upload these files, we just start PhoneXS, connect and select "FSX" at the bottom to get to the upload menu & finally click "Start FSX".

PhoneXS will now upload our files in "files_to_upload" to the phone

+If you need the original files from the filesystem, you can use this tool ( here:

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Good info, thanks for the guide.



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sir, im new here. i just one question to ask since you are an expert on this.

1. mine is k610i with R1GB001 firmware. now, how would i know as to which firmware should i use to flash my phone?



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you should use XS++ not "phonexs" , see this website to change flash menu's etc go on the forum->sony ericsson->my k800i/w850i->flash menu's. , or .net

(only for CID49 phones).



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I have done this, took me hours to find alternative links to files because links did not work. I have got 11 flash menu's, Sadley a couple of days later i got the white screen of deaf. Got it fixed at carphonewarehouse because the phone is still under warranty



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Very nice guide. Thanks!



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i have a video for flashing phones created by me, if you want i can posted here



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Post it lets have a look.



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hello experts... sorry to disturb... am new here...I hav got K800i... and I can't update my phone softwares wit SE's own update services... so may I know are there any softwares or any method to update it?

cauz it keep showing :"UPADATE FAILED - please try again later...."
...after 100 times.. still showing the same thing..

and another question is.. I asked my friends to buy this phone from Dubai... and the languages came with the phone are: Dutch, Eng, French, Truk, some IsiZulu and Sesotho.... I can't read any of them except english... and I kinda want to change the languages of my phone... is it possible

and one more thing is I dunno why my phone will come with an O2 programme in it as the browser... tat's a thing non of us can explain...

I know my problems are not serious like others(eg WSoD) but I really want to clear all the doubts on this phone and make it as my best phone ever.... I've changed 6 phones in 1 and half yr... none of them work probably...including Nokia

So, pls pls... pls help me out here



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<snip Geoff_999>

English only please

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