8 Stages of being a Zedger




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Tee hehehe. Thats funny though I wud never get up that early cause ta check no message

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guuuuuuuuuuuuud stuffffffffffffffffffff



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Bharat mata ki jai

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Can't deny that lol

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fever of stage 8, chekin randomly how many downloaded my pics



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very very gooooooooooooood



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Stage 8 .. .. .. .. ..



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Quote of user: Fried_Kamote

1. Curiosity

"Hmmmm...i wonder where i can get free themes and stuff for my phone?"

2. Discovery

"What the?! A site with tons of free stuff?!...Woot! "

3. Facination

"Let's see what else i can do on this site...(tinker, tinker, tinker)....I'll try putting pictures and music on my profile now....Ohhhhhh! What's this?! There's a forum section! Let's have a look!"

4. Addiction

"[3 am in the morning]....Let's see... downloaded a dozen themes and wallpapers so far...posted 100 times on the forums...replied to 30 guestbook entries and PM's"

5. Denial

"No, I am not addicted to zedge! D****t!...I was just checking my inbox...honest!"

6. Bargaining

"I promise, i'm going to stop zedging in a few minutes...just a few minutes more...last 15 minutes...i'm shutting off my PC in an hour...I'll just call in sick for work tomorrow..."

7. Depression

"Am i really online on zedge too long. I've only slept like 10 hours in 5 days....Is there something wrong with me? "

8. Acceptance

"Oh, what the hell...time to log-in again and see who replied to my posts! Hahaha!"

Yeah we've been though all those stages, haha Rei it's been ages and this post is still alive



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kewl man thanx...



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a fact - correct

Its not the matter about our rank, but how we are doing.....


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