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Quote of user: rokr_leon

Mr moderator tincho dj:
me... colpino have been trying unsuccessfully to explain zedgers there is no need to look for specific wallpaper or content for their phones
instead they can look for things in equal resolution, these things really annoy me!!!
when are they going to understand?? THERE IS NO NEED to look for specific phones, again:
if your phones resolution is 240 x 320, 176 x 220 or less you can search for other phones in equal resolution,this aply for wallpapers or themes
ringtones are for all phones that support mp3 or midi, stop asking for your phone to be supported here people must use their brains!!!
for java games first read about your phone some need .jar, others .jad is that hard to do?? NO ITS NOT!!! so plz if you want help first help yourselves, be smart

This may be true but the themes for se K800 do work on the w910 but are missing parts due to other functions it is not that hard to add a link and let the zedge community start uploading into it.

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sony Ericsson's p1i....themes not supported and when u put the m600 themes, they don't work properly



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why don't have themes ang games for sony ericsson w910i?



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i have a problem with downloading the themes.. i have the nokia 6500 slide and as u people said is the same if i download themes from nokia 6500 classic.. the problem is that if i want to download a theme my computer does not recognise the .nth program or wtev.. what do i do? ?



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there isn't any themes for nokia 7710... can you put some???



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Post #61624 January 2008, 14:44
Hello my phone is LG KU380 Can you put it in the list of phones. Thanks



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This one needs to be added to the list:

Sanyo 8500 Katana DLX



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When will the vx9900 (enV) be added?



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Just wondering... Why isn't Nokia 6500 Slide on the list?



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Hi, can you have put alcatel themes?
The model is OT-C701

Thank you..


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