Why was my upload made private?



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Short answer: Your item was made private because it violated ZEDGE rules and will not be returned.

Long answer:
Your item was made private because it violated ZEDGE rules. Private items can not be brought back public as it's technically impossible. We understand you may be frustrated and irritated after spending time uploading items only to see them removed shortly after. Every day houndreds of items are made private for various reasons. We do not have the capacity to inform each upload why just his/her's item was made private, but here are some usual reasons:

Not of public interest: ZEDGE is a public site and items must be of public interest. Amateur, family etc.. pictures or ringtones will be removed. This also includes wallpapers with written text in other languages.

Bad Quality: Items of poor quality will be removed (pixelated or unsharp images, bad description etc..)

S******y Explicit items: Nudity, provocative poses etc...

Foreign language: All wallpapers with foreign languages written somewhere will be removed. We only permit english text. Same with item title and description.

We get thousands of uploads each day and we must constantly moderate to keep good standards in the public galleries. We can ensure you that we do not make items private for fun, and we certainly do not discriminate those whose items get removed -- why would we let you upload if we were just going to remove everything?

If you follow the rules as most users do there will be no problem with your items "disappearing". We hope this helped answering your question about why your item was made private.

If you have more questions take a look at the ZEDGE Rules before you post in the forum

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