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I just want one but my dream phone should have the following functions and specifications:

- 1000 Gigaflops memory (internal) + expandable memory
- Satellite tracking device (with complete access to the Hubble space telescope)
- Night/infrared vision mode
- 10000 Megapixel cam
- Able to access, by-pass, and over-ride security of all electronic locks
- Laser cutter built-in
- Create and send SMS/EMS/MMS messages without having to type (it will read my thoughts)
- Hologram projector (like those used in Star Wars)
- Generate an impenetrable personal force-field
- 1000000000 Mbps internet access speed
- Transform into a jet/car/boat.
- Built in taser device
- Self-destruct function (when wrong password is used)
- Able to play PS3 games
- Can access any network around the world without subscription

....Oh yeah, it should automatically make coffee for me in the morning too.

I'm still waiting for my dream phone to be invented.

~ I've had one for over a year now. I can put one together and have it for you by morning. You can also call me at - i-am-ona-pip-edrm

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Now, The Sony Xperia Z!


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