tell me best muziq phones ?




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In my humble opinion,based on my experience,SE phones have better sound compared to other brands.



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music quality wise, Sony Ericsson phones won't let you down!



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samsung f300 and f 500
the ultra music edition



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The N91 is the best music phone ever.I have one..and believe me..its THE BEST...just go to a nokia store and try it

Make a note that the tests were carried out at full volume for the W950i and at 80-85% for the N91, otherwise facing these two handsets off would have been really hard. From my perspective, in terms of their music departments the two phones are like apples and oranges with Nokia N91 coming out on top in just about every way. And it is more likely that for now this handset in second to none on the market.



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The best music phone: hmmmm, let me think.

Well if you play music in loud speakers: N6233, N6290. These are unbeatable sound quality. I heard someone said that they have BOSE speakers inside. It may not be true but still the sound quality is amazing.

If you want to hear thrugh headphones:

N91. The best regarded by most phone reviewers worldwide. Try and see for yourself. It has a dedicated chip for playing music. Truely mind blowing.

Don't be fooled by the WALKMAN label. I agree these are good but mostly eye candy and will satisfy only the compromised users.



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nokia Nseries is best.



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N91 8gb and N91 and 73 me..



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4 good quality any wseries SE phone..coz it has a gadget called FM transmitter Which allows u 2 play ur phone's MP3 in a car or a component by setting any radio station and ..never heard of nokia having that kind of gadget

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Sony Ericcson W950i



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Sony Ericsson Walkman's all of Them .

Nokia N91ME ,Nokia N91,N73 ME ,N73,3250,3250 Xpressmusic,5300,5700

People need to STOP being BIAST against all the Phone Companies.........cant you people just Like all of them...and NOT say anything Bad about them ???


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