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more layouts plus i guess i should be able to delete or edit my posts on others guestbook...because sometimes mistakes happens and dahh!! i can't do anything about it

Agreed. Zedge should have that delete option.

Do not add that option,Because when someone use bad or abusive words,It will need to flag that.So never add that delete option!!!

Different people have different opinions. But for me, I would like to add delete option. Everybody can write what he/she wants to change on zedge in this topic and I just wrote agreed because I want that option too. Thank you.

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Any user with hidden account unable to access any other account....
1= If user make account hidden after visit someone other account...particular user able to visit visitor account with in 48 hours.



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To be able to change item info. Sometimes you could misspelled some word, but there is no chance to change it. Very uncomfortable.



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Sometimes an appear Offline button would be great



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like change one rule like promosion of ESG to moderator



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I'd like an option to make my profile visible only for my friends

maybe except my uploads, they can be visible for everyone



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I want to make a option to upload stuffs on mobile

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well.. if using CAPS is against the rule then if can please add the exclamation point too.. sometimes its annoying to rec. too many exclamation points "!!!!"



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Add more emoticons



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Add english song tones more


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