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create separate interface on mobile for touch users giving access to community.

Let people use all of the available options of computer site (sg interface/forum/people) at least on zedge app for android.

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I would strongly recommend not allowing to become a siteguard so easily. i have seen some of my content declined. only to find the same thing uploaded later by others. i think it is not so good for this site to allow anyone without a clue to become a siteguard ...



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Quote of user: bigbluechief

Quote of user: sunnybhat

i want only that we can choose "multiple phone models" as i use nokia E7-00, nokia N73 my brother is using i-phone. and for all these i have to open 3 ids and again a password hotchpotch.

We do not have any plans of implementing support for multiple devices, but let me give you a tip to handle multiple phones yourself;

1. Visit the device selector: www.zedge.net/device-selector/
2. Choose your phone (e.g. Nokia E7-00)
3. Bookmark the page, which will have a URL like www.zedge.net/?updPhone=x**x, and give the bookmark a meaningful name (for example "Zedge : Nokia E7-00")
4. Repeat for your other phones

Whenever you want to browse content for one of your phones you can use the bookmarks.

Note; I'd suggest you close other accounts you operate - it's not allowed in Zedge.

Zedge Admin

thnx for ur help bigbluechief but i am not using multiple accounts i was just thinking about it that i hav create them but now with ur help i dont hav to create any other id



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the previous theme of zedge was too good
i didnt like the new one
plz change the theme of zedge



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Policy to filter the Wallpapers, its really biased in zedge. (Raciest)



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Quote of user: SupeR__Ace

Policy to filter the Wallpapers, its really biased in zedge. (Raciest)

Please explain.




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Only the ¨profile background¨ (My Account - My Account Options - Profile design - profile background)



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I change in zedge that all time we show online not offline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A kindly request.please add an option that we can change our age.i had to wrongly put my age 29 .but,its real 20..i want to change that.

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Get rid of A little note because it is full of hateful people posting indirectly remarks They act in packs


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