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Post #38911 January 2012, 17:26
Want change in mobile uploading features for zedgears..plz add some feature for mobile uploading

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Post #38925 January 2012, 18:35
Get rid of the B.abes and hunks category .. pointless having them now .. all the old uploaded themes / wallpapers are being removed constantly .. and these uploads have been here a long time !!
all images are what you would see on American TV but all of a sudden we have an attack on all B.utts B.oobs ..
the only images that will be in these categories will be fully dressed people .. defeats the object of having these categories doesnt it ?.

Almost 24,000 downloads (30 themes of mine) lost as *reported* images.. another 20 im sure will go soon with around 15,000 downloads to them,yet exact copies of mine remain and some belong to SG`s ?.

I have seen many explicit images which made my bikini images appear to be totally innocent,yet mine are continuously removed/flagged as inappropriate .. what is the point of having a b.abes category ?.

Having certain SG`s visiting my pro then shortly after my themes are removed ?,
rather than have them hound me i will remove them myself.

B.abe category needs to go so we can stop wasting our time uploading things we spend time making.

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Post #38937 January 2012, 22:26
Bring back the video section please



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Post #389412 January 2012, 05:30
please upload new ringtones....



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Post #389513 January 2012, 10:42
I would not change anything, but rather add something to the mobile version of android.


1.upload my ringtones from my device.

2.ringtone maker to incorporate the application in order to cut the songs to weigh less kb, so it is easier to climb.

3.edit my profile from my device, such as changing my picture, view forums and so on.

but anyway, ZEDGE is totally out of the ordinary, congratulations!



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Post #389614 January 2012, 10:22
stolen themes should be removed!



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Post #389717 January 2012, 08:23
yah....i want to change my background...



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Post #389817 January 2012, 08:33
I would like to see smileys in messages when logging in through mobile.



Post #389919 January 2012, 10:07
Censoring words , sometimes Zedge 4 has a bug in Censoring words when i post it on my shout no bad words , when i post it on forums , nothing get censored
smilies on Shout-out !
online status would be awesome like busy , BRB , or something we write it ourselves
more smilies !
Remove that "message session times out"
more character in everywhere , ESP Shout-out !
Background preview with our own photos ! not only with the Backgrounds that we have in zedge !
HTTPS : for more security !
and i know that some people wrote it many times , but make it possible for Zedgres to could hidden some of the parts of their profile from the people who are not in their friends list ! its not only about privacy of a person ! i can write here many reasons !



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id terminating.........


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