What would you change on Zedge




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Post #383118 November 2011, 05:59
Plz add vedios and vedio songs also to this site



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Post #383218 November 2011, 06:12
friend chatbox!!!!



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Post #383318 November 2011, 12:29
wanna change home page graphics coz not so good



Post #383418 November 2011, 22:55
for uploading of text.. it would be better if its more than 260 characters



Post #383518 November 2011, 23:07
Shout out characters at least more that it is now



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Quote of user: Heart_Smagler_

Quote of user: _wolverine

i want to increase the number of letters in the txts which r being uploaded....
preparable unlimited.........

usually there are 160 characters in a text message so it means zedge is giving you 2.5 text messages to post in one text message. And by the way i think 400-characters maximum can be enough space to prove a useful form of communication. For now there is no need to change that. Sorry no hard feelings about that. have a nice day.

dude but we are able to write n send text for about 1000 letters.. and 400 is very less for the texts i have... they r few very good1s which i want to share..... but its ok as you feel..... have a nice day.. thanks for the reply



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Post #383720 November 2011, 05:31
this new look is awesome i just wnt to get rid of "error 503"



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Post #383821 November 2011, 02:24
I made some spelling errors in few of my uploads and i want to correct them but the edit section has changed please make it like it was so that i can undo the error.

Also its very time-consuming to add stuffs to the group as we have to keep loading everytime to get to that particular stuff we want to add in the group, if you can provide groups name alongwith other upload requirements in the final stage it will be very quick and easy.

please do make this changes for it will be of real help to all of us.

& yeah why its showing error 503 so many times

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pls add videos

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i would make it easy for people to get a fair chance , to state their situation, with out some one doing something on you without even a explanation


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