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self background for profile.......



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video section re opening...............



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Please Keep the n**e pics in Filter....i keep on my Filter but still can see some n**e images of bollywood actressess and some other etc....please do something in it...bcoz i don't use this site when a senior or child is sitting with me.



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I hate dis Featured option ......... plz bring back ....Top 120 Downloads.
Its a humble request to all the Admins.



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Quote of user: Itzme__saMmy

I hate dis Featured option ......... plz bring back ....Top 120 Downloads.
Its a humble request to all the Admins.

self background for profile.......



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Video Section re open



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I don't want new and popular list back but i want the old weekly downloaded items back.With this new weekly list
items from 4-5 months ago you can see not from this week!
Example- www.zedge.net/wallpapers/1199/nokia-5300-wallpapers/0-6-1/ all 4-5 months old wallpaper or and more older if you continue to browse the pages.If its like this then why it is called weekly list?Why not yearly list!

And in the most downloaded zedgers list it is more worse.People who are uploading daily are not moving but people who are not uploading at all are in the page-
This is due to the weekly list of the items.This is not encouraging for the zedgers.This might cause a lot of top zedgers or new zedgers stop uploading their items.

This new system is not fair at all to all the zedgers.Pls take proper steps.Thank you.



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Yep i also accept the words of @SupeR_Soul.....

yes ,its really discouraging when we upload new items.....as some 1 year or even before wallpaper or themes are in the most downloaded weekly and not moving yet....

as SupeR_Soul mentioned "Zedge" may lose good and top uploaders coz of this new system....

Plz take steps at the earliest to make Zedge better.....



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about myself am happy that zedge remove new and popular list,cause alots of user they don't know that there was some top users and executive site guard was cheating in the new and popular pages everyday,,you know how i tell you,about walls new and popular list do u believe that around 3 and 4 users was uploading walls of 240x320 daily most of them are close friends they tell each other how much they will upload today and than after they upload there walls they go offline ,after 10 mins of uploading the wall do you believe the wall become 300+and sometimes they download it 500+., what happens after that these walls come in the 1 page of new and popular list of the next day and like that they was doing like this from long time, these walls fastly go to the weekly list and become popular,and the same thing they was and still doing in the themes ,am really happy what zedge done some changings which good for all the users but it very bad changings for the cheaters,,,,these peoples still uploading and downloading their stuff cause they think their items will become popular but they should know that me and other users will not allowed this any more in the best mobile site in the world (zedge),,,,, i request the admins to go on with these changing and best of luck for all[

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well i think their should b a lot of backgrounds to choose for. good avatars.


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