What would you change on Zedge




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all is gr8



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Quote of user: No1_GUARDIAN

I think there is nothing to change. But some additions will be great. The Admin should appoint more Moderators and Executive Siteguards. At this moment in comparison to the activity of Zedge, the number of Moderators and Executive Siteguards are less. And among them only a few of them are active. As a result of that they are not able to protect zedge and help Zedgers all day long. As a result of that bad content, bad entries and bad forums exist for sometime. And when some instant help is needed, it is not possible to get that as at that moment no Executive Siteguards or Moderators are online. If more Moderators and Executive Siteguards are appointed then we will get full time help, support and security.

There are already enough ESG's & Moderators to control both the public gallery and the forums.



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i would change that they take our pics and make it private
and mmm the name and i would make it faster



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i would change for more support and security cuzz is not enough help as it is.



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Some smileys are almost repeated so it's be good if they were removed and also some smileys need to be added like for example this ; )



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i want 2 change flaging procedure.

Whenever v flag any zedger using bad words in other languages.

I want the zedge admins 2 do something 2 understanding the languages 6ther than english

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Quote of user: _NIKITA_

i would change for more support and security cuzz is not enough help as it is.

What kind of increased support and security are you looking for?

Zedge Admin



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Bring back the forum games into the latest post widget..



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allot of things. the should make it more free so ppl can express themselves, this is why theres very few ppl online and it gets soooooooooooooo boring cause it seems u cant do anything cause everything is a problem, delete silly forum post like ( u like this or that ) its nice but after awhile, how many of the same thing u can have. make something fun or that makes sense at least. delete pervs IPS from logging on again forever, to many, all the girls on zedge thing all guys are pervs cause most are, control your post on ppls profile, see u can control who can see what u write. ppl are nosy and last but not least, make me mod wishful thinking



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Hmmm. that's a tough question. What would I change? Well, i'd change
"nothing" lol

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