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Post #14 November 2006, 17:18
Well, Zedge is one of the best sites of being up to date with the most wonderful themes, but i don't know why there are no themes for Bemq-Siemens EL71? I wonder why the delay in posting some themes for this mobile?
Hope to see some themes in the site in near future



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Post #211 July 2007, 09:17
yeah i wonder too
when i singing in there was a question:which telephone do u use and i see benq siemens el71 at there but i now i can't see el71 themes
don't u think about that, don't u think about upload some el71 themes



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Post #311 July 2007, 18:05
if your phone is not supported,post in
and put your theme request in
Here please



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Post #411 July 2007, 21:00
Why are there no themes for Siemens/Benq-Siemens phones?
The answer is, there is an official theme creator for Benq-Siemens phones, but the site is down.

Themes on Zedge are uploaded by users, but if nobody can get the theme creation software, thre will be no themes.



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Post #519 July 2007, 19:55
You can download the theme creator simply from the benq download area, but the program doesnt works for me, it says i must install java (1.4.2), but i have the newest jawa JRE . Can somebody help me?



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Post #630 November 2007, 16:20
i have been looking on google for EL71 themes and i am glad to say i have found a few (about 20-30) and they are all good quality look here.
hope it helps!!!

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