Born gay or a decision to be gay




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i must admit this is one of the hradest question i've ever encountered... but i guess it is more of the ENVIRONMENT when and where u were growing up (during the formation stage). and then when u get more mature, i believe it is DECISION making. are you going to hold it back or come out in th open.

well, at least this is my experience...



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Interesting question.. here is my two cents.

1. Is it Genetic? There are many cases where identical twins (that means same exact Genetic makeup) are both not g**y. Thus if being g**y were Genetic, both twins being constructed of the same Genetic material would be g**y. This makes the claim that being g**y is a Genetic condition a hard one to make. Genetics are never the cause of a personality trait or behavior pattern.

2. Most primates practice some form of h********l behaviour. Many researchers think human h***********y is a "hold over" from our evolutionary climb. Current research shows that s****l preference is the result of a complex interplay between hormonal and enviromental factors, not Genetic.

Personally I think there are several different types of "Gays". Those that are g**y due to hormonal inbalances, those that are g**y because they choose to be and those that are g**y because it gets them attention.

Do I think there is anything wrong with it? No.. H***********y has been practiced by menbers of humanity ever since we walked the earth. The only real objection to it is religious in nature. Lets not forget that up until a few hundred years ago, H***********y / B*********y was considered the Norm (Roman, Greek, Egyptian empires) and those that did not practice it were the "strange ones".

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I think that it's either. Prentend you're like 8 years old, girls have cooties and boys are cool. Well, it's not your fault if you feel like that when you're 16. Sometimes, like Ellen Degeneres, it's a choice. I could go either way, there's no set limit for me... but I prefer women. In escence, you can't control who/what you're attracted to and who you fall in love with.



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Nice to know what people think



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from my experience.....u can't is just the way u feel...i'm 100% into men...but i did try to have s**x with women..and i sort of failed(u kno wht i mean) Women are wonderful...i have a lots of common topics with women..and i hardly ever have problems to make a contact...but in s** are my priority...and can't choose to be hetero...i just love men..that's all...and from wht i remember..i always was into men...tht means..i always sticked to girlz....and all the boys in my class always wondered why i had such a gr8 contact with girlz...though never had good contact wit boys...(hetero boys) it's changed...but still...prefer to have good chat wit women...twin soul



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It was considered a Mental Illness in this country until 30 years ago.Morally it is wrong and serves no purpose.Male and female are brought together to reproduce ultimately, not go to bath houses and troll rest areas.What can someone get out of the same s**x that they cannot find in the opposite s**x if they look for it? I believe it is Genetic and people that are born that way know it from early on.If deviant s**x is all you get differently from the same s**x I don't understand it.You can't honestly say that all men are pigs and vice versa.



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this is naruto opinion

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I am g**y, so I know what I'm talking about, Being g**y is, in my experience definitely not a choice. I had fantasies with men even before I was able to understand it. When you are growing up, you feel an attraction for a gender (or both). Most men feel attracted to women, and vice versa, but I bet you never thought or said "From now on, I will love people of the opposite s**x". It just does not happen. Your s*******y just "flows" naturally, like a calm stream. It's the same for me; I didn't choose, I just felt I like men, but the fact that you can't choose does not mean that you are not comfortable with your own s*******y. I'm fine with my own s*******y. I'm a h**o, a q***r, a f**g, un p**o, or whatever anyone else wants to call me.

I don't think it's a disease, either. And if it was, the whole world should pay for their sins, including (but not limited to) the fu**in' Catholic Church and that stupid, arrogant, corrupt. hypocrite Pope. He was a n**i when he was young, now he dares to tell us that what we are doing is wrong? Where are the Turkish terrorists when we need them? (Well, he said he was forced to join the n**i army, but if you tell him that you didn't choose your s*******y, would he "forgive" you? The answer is NO). H*********s were banned, punished and were a victim of many kinds of abuse just because the whole world didn't ask before what you are asking now. Many people died or lived in the shadows just because there are a lot of intolerant and cruel people all over the world. As I said before, there are a lot of sins to pay and I think some people (notably most of the religions and the stupid American ultra-conservatives like G. W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzernegger).

I don't feel like starting a "g**y vs. straight" war. If you want to start a war it's the "Big Drunkard"'s (George W. Bush) job, not mine. Being straight is not bad, and most straight people is good; and if you are g**y it doesn't make you god or bad either. Every person should be judged for their tolerance towards others not their s*******y.
And last, but not least, let me make this clear: I'm a man that feels attracted to other men, but I don't feel like a woman. I feel like a man, act like a man, I enjoy being a man, and if I could choose my s**x in my next life, I would choose to be a man... but I'd choose to be black because I love them and they are so beautiful

Please don't be offensive saying stupid things like "there are people that only cares for themselves" (I have read this in a previous post).

Leave any comment, quote my post and you are welcome to disagree as long as you are tolerant and polite. And if any black man is reading this, contact me



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I am not a G**Y !!

so this question doesn't apply on me ...

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there is two type of g**y/l*****n, first type the genatic disorder that a man is been born in the shape of women, and a women in a shape of man until they make an easy small medical operation to fix that, and i highlight the easy small because they dont change the full formation of the DNA

the second type is the mental disorder that the person choose to be attracted to his gender not to the oppisite, he dont know that he choose by his own decision thats why it is disorder, in the early cases he do not know that he/she are g**y/l*****n, but when they figure out their situation they did not fix it, it is a psychological situation or need to check the medical situation of their DNA to check if it is a medical case need to be fixed

so if any one find out that he/she is a g**y/l*****n should check the medical situation first serously then if it is not a medical so it is a mental need a serious a psychological treatment


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