nokia 3250 theme problem




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Post #1112 October 2006, 04:24
well, some themes do appear in app manager and some don't...but I'm sure that all the themes do appear in 'Themes' (where you change the theme in mobile)...can't you just press c to delete it in 'Themes'?



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Post #1213 October 2006, 13:36
doesn't work with c button and in options doesn't have "remove" option



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Post #1327 October 2006, 19:57
i'm having the same problem! and i have really low memory on my phone now because i can't delete the themes in 'Themes'. i only managed to delete one, which showed up in App. Manager.



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Post #1430 October 2006, 04:25
do you mean every theme you installed in phone can't be remove?



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Post #151 November 2006, 20:31
Yeah, I've been stumped by this one too.

Simply put: Themes cant be deleted from "My Themes".

When you go into Application Manager, not all the themes that you have installed are there. Some may be, if they are, great, you can delete them. If there not, you can't.... still trying to figure it out...



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Post #1616 November 2006, 17:24
hey too had the same d**n problem and finally managed to come up with a solution. Just connect your phone to the PC...connect ur phone in the offline mode(not PC suite mode)..and from ur PC, search for the theme name in the memory card. You will generally find three files associated with each theme...just delete the thre files....and theme will no longer appear in the themes section....



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Post #1716 November 2006, 19:14
i have 3250 and i just format my memory card works all the time



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Post #183 December 2006, 11:47
If theyre not appear in appmgr restart ur 3250 & if not again the way is to format ur mem card(but not for just 1-2 themes) or wait for the new version of fe-se explorer


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