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Post #116 February 2005, 16:16
can anyone please tell me if and how to put back my clipart frames that came on the phone when new........... i deleted them accidently. Thanx



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Post #216 February 2005, 16:22
Clipart frames? i guess your talking about the picture messages?
in either case, formating your phone or even a soft format will restore all the default clipart images



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Post #316 February 2005, 19:37
Hmmm no i dont think so formating or restoring ....
anyway i think the best way to send the frames back is to find someone who has get a 6600 mobile early mark them all and send them to ur phone he might still have them no need to format for a couple of frames



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guys can somebody help me 2 restore music players whch were in my phone(nokia 6600 slide).wat should i do guys coz my 4n is jst sayng "not enough memory"wen ever i want to pray any song.

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