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Alrighty There People!

Okay, I want you to list what phone you have, what games you have, and what scores you have for those games.


My Phone: Nokia 3250
Game: Nokia Snakes
Score: 12205, Level 6, 357 Seconds

Game: Meteor
Score: 4815

Game: 3D Mini Golf
Score: Not really played this one yet...

Game: Soccer Pinball
Score: 1083700

Game: TAM 1942
Score: 24324

Game: The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift
Score: No high scores - on Level 3 tho!

Game: Metal Slug Mobile Impact
Score: 91500

Game: Nokia Punkwigs
Score: No highscore, but I'm up to Friday!

Game: SkyForce
Score: No High Scores yet

Game: Tiger Woods Golf
Score: No High Scores

Game: Mission Impossible 3
Score: No High Scores

Game: The Sims 2
Score: No High Scores

Okay, so that's me - but I've only had the phone about 6 weeks... what about you then????



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Post #27 October 2006, 14:27
You play a lot man!
I, at present have only game on my phone & I am hooked on.It's thrilling!!!

My phone:Sony Ericsson W550i
Game:Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Highest Score: 11211

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my phone: SE W810i
game: Rally pro contest 3D
score : 3 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze medals

game : V Rally 3D
score : 01:12

game : Golf pro contest 3D
score : 82(-9)



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Where can we get the punkwigs game frn???

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Phone: Samsung Wave 2
Game: Turn Em (pipeline)
Score: reached till 15th level.. each level within 2 minutes...

Game: X & 0
Score: 47 times won widout losing or drawing the game...



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Phone: HTC One X
Game: Fruit Ninja
Score: 2456 in arcade mode.

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