Nokie N80 HELP!!



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Post #112 July 2006, 20:46
ok i've downloaded games from zedge onto my N80, but when i load it up it doesnt show on the full screen itz only like a little box i can barly see. And alot of games dont work. god this phone gives me such a headache. is it the phoen problem or the game?>



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Post #212 July 2006, 20:53
i really dont understand what problems you have with it...i had none so far.
all the games work, everything is ok
i can bet though,.....that this is your first smartphone.
you just need to be patient and learn....



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Post #312 July 2006, 20:59
One thing to remember about the N80 is that is uses a very high definition screen, larger than QVGA (240x320), it uses a massive 352x416 screen resolution.

This means standard apps for older S60 handsets dont work on it properly, or not at all. Also, pictures which on other phones would fill the screen as a wallpaper appear small on your phones screen, because they're simply not big enough.

They key to using such a phone, is to use software or files specifically for that phone, so they're compatible and display correctly.

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