thoughts on purchasing a O2 atom exec,



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Hi all there are a few queries which i hope that u could help me out with. and i do hope that u dont find my questions d**b. as ive never used a PPC before

anyway. 1) is it easy to download softwares for the phone?
2) what kind of softwares are available for download?
3) i noticed that some phones like nokia cant quite play MP4 format video files. will a PPC have better ability to play a wide array of files?
thks in advance for answering my queries



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hey jezz!!! the first phone that i really loved was my very reliable O2S.
...I didn't encounter any problem downloading softwares esp that it's microsoft os has a windows media player software where you can play your mp4 and video files. can upgrade its MMC to a higher one.
...a lot of softwares are available for download, some are actually free, check out the net for this.

...hope this helped.



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Every question you asked is answered easily regarding a Windows based PPC.

Theres always tons of software to download, its always relatively easy to install and if your PPC cannot do something, there will surely be an app on the internet downloadable that will give it such functionality.

The down side to a PPC is the cost, software for PPCs are almost always premium and rarely free.



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