i am not a happy zedger because.....




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well that's life, you get the usual idiots doing these things. we are all here to have fun, socialising. best thing to do is use the block zedger feature as higgie2war said.



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hmmm man there are kinds of people and everyone of them want different things from life
One want to get more and more friends,
other want to share their experience with phones and share pictures , themes , etc.
so at that point , u can ignore them and dont worry
our world is so colourful



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Yup...There are people that are rude and does not consider other feelings and emotions...

Patience is the best solution...



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Well apart s****l harassment, there is ethnic harassment too in Zedge. That is even more annoying for me!!!!!!



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Quote of user: 323ahura

Well apart s****l harassment, there is ethnic harassment too in Zedge. That is even more annoying for me!!!!!!

Then you should report it and it will be taken care of. Use the reporting features.



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Post quote:

IP snooping is illegal and it is also hard to do 'cause most of the countries, at least in Europe, use dynamic ones to establish an uplink, so it even makes things harder... One easier way would be by email adress... And they already do this here...

U think so



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I am not a happy zedger because some people are too sensitive here and can't control their anger.



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I want to be a happy Zedger and I would be happier if Admin could enable Zedge mobile users to access their outbox (messages delivered).



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mostly people are not genuine . . .


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