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Hi,new on here and here's abit about myself. Love music,everything from classical to punk and all inbetween. Like to have a laugh and I'm honest and genuin. Just want to say hi to everyone,over and out

Hey im new 2! cant my email validated but i can do this

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This is Dufflebag42o here & I'm new to Zedge & lookin 4 friends,So if your interested let me know.

wanna friend? im trying 2 get my email validated but i can do this

Just Go to your Email... A mail of zedge will be der.. just open it and then just click on link given in the mail.. you email will be validated...



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Hi, I'm Don. I'm into digital customizing, skinning for short, shell of choice is WindowBlinds. So far I've done windowblind textures which is just a way to add a texture to a windowblind skin which is just a way of covering your start menu, task bar and frames, they're called skins hence the term skinning or skinner. Also enjoy trying to do walls. I use PS and PSP.



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Hello beautiful creatures of the world



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I'm Huzaifa Bayazed



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Hello, I'm Peter from Sydney, Australia. A friend recommended this site to me, and I'm loving it so far.



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Hai girls all of u my friends

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Hi guys and girls im Olaide i came accross hope it wil be fun. And i wil love to know you, im from Nigeria

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hello zedgers..
i m ____V____
V for ..... U better know.
if u like my upload or want to know more about me send me PM...
bye ...have nice day..



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Hello Zedgers!!!!
I'm new, but I like this community, a lot of creativity!!!
feel free to add me as a friend


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