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Well actually if u see ma pro ull know quiet nicely but ill brief it out

Im Meena i like to hav fun and hang out and chill
Im 16 and a weird a**s person! I accept friends from everywhere as long as they r good .. not pervs n troublemakers! well that me want more info? check ma pro .. its alllll in there



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Lets get this going again

Hi, im Geoff your local Zedge moderator. married with 2 kids. i drive a fork lift for a living not very glamorous i know but it pays the bills



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Hi,im Claudiu & I`M A PLAYA



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Im Amery , quite a jovial and fun-loving person actually.
Im still young and am single.
Okay, its not easy introducing myself, because i really have no idea what to say.
If you have any queries, then check me out at my profile.



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my zedge name is Zen_Medic

I enjoy talking to interesting people on zedge

Zedge world is a fun site that is very entertaining most of the time

Feel free to view my profile



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N73PCDOC here
l like chatting with new ppl from all over the world

warning l have a short fuse

check out my profile



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feel fre to visit my profile



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hello my fellow zedgers. im zsa-zsa, you can just call me KiSSiX, 25 years of age and from the philippines.



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Nicknames: Diane, Ana, Andie
Real name: DIANA
I’m Filipino!
I lived in Manila
I’m the 3rd child from my parents.
I have 3 beautiful sisters
I LOVE my Mom & Dad!!!
Artistic people turn me on
I’m 4’11 tall
I think I have expressive eyes
Darkness intrigues me
I still watch cartoons
I was never gone in a long term-relationship
I have 4 dogs
I hate body piercing.
I love MEN in intern uniforms!
I love seafood
I've been told that I am easy 2 talk 2 and easy 2 get attached 2!
I love to cook, and I can cook almost anything.
I enjoy reading, especially scary ones!
My favorite perfume is Still by J.Lo
My favorite color is green
I love Chinese and Japanese food
My favorite fast food joint is McDonald’s
I’m a computer nerd
My favorite ice cream is F.I.C
I over analyze EVERYTHING
I love playing Crash Bandicoot
I hate lakes, rivers, oceans, etc..…
IF I ever decide to get married I want to do it at DISNEYLAND!!! :
My birthstone is ruby.
I hate tattoos!
I love Victoria Secret's “Passionate kisses”
I am not afraid to be alone; I enjoy my own company
I am melodramatic, sensitive, I easily get hurt.
Favorite snacks: potato chips, jelly ice, ice cream & chocomallows!
I'm scared of death
I am very open-minded; down to try anything once
mmmm…I love men with goatees
I can be a jealous person sometimes
If I have to drink a beer I would pick Super Dry…
I'm a hopeless romantic fool
I'm addicted to COKE LIGHT..
I used to work in a call center
I am the sweetest person you will ever meet
I can be the biggest b***h if you try to f**k with me!!!
Sci-fi & COMEDY movies are my favorite
I DO NOT watch GANGSTA movies
I have never been married
I can be stubborn as hell
I have NEVER cheated on any boyfriend
My favorite candies are M&M’s and Nerds
I like all kinds of music, except heavy metal!!!
I love to play video games
I have more male friends then female friends
I worry too much about everyone else and not myself
I had 2 failed relationships & yes this makes me a very bitter person
I don't TOTALLY trust anyone
ONE man had TOTAL control over me and since then I have NEVER been the same
I can't stand fake people
I cannot hold a grudge; I always FORGIVE but I never FORGET



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Lhen here..

ohh well.. i hate long intro.. just check out my profile if u want to...


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