Xperia S black screen



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Post #123 February 2014, 15:51
the display on my Xperia S remains black hen the phone is switched on. The phone has power and is responsive and I can ring it. but nothing seems to be able to kick the display back on. There is no visible damage I'm pretty sure it hasn't been dropped or anything. I had left it to charge and the screen wouldn't work when I came back to it.

I had also been having an issue connecting it to my pc via Sony pc companion and after the black screen also with SUS.
So I am left now with no display and not able to connect to a pc to try a software repair solution.

Has anyone come across this before? Is there anything else I can try?



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Hi MotoLoveBomb,

As far as I can help, I believe you should direct the topic at Sony support group here and try out some of the solutions suggested there:

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