Holiday Wallpaper Contest: Win a Nexus 5




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Post #18 January 2014, 16:50
To celebrate the release of the latest Android version of ZEDGE and the holiday season, we're putting on a big wallpaper contest!

The Holiday Wallpaper Contest has been open for a couple weeks, but we wanted to get our amazing forum Zedgers involved. So we extended the deadline to January 24, 2014! Just upload your original photography, art, or design to and you will be automatically entered to win a free Nexus 5 Android smartphone.

If you want to read all the rules and recommendations, please visit this page which is on the Zedge Tumblr. And while you're there, please follow the Zedge Tumblr to stay up to date on news and see what sorts of stuff we're interested in around the office.

Thanks for your awesome support, and get uploading!!



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Post #29 January 2014, 01:54
Thats awesome zedge team

Common Smartphone Resolutions are:
•2160x1920 (HTC One)
•1440x1280 (Samsung Galaxy Note II)
•960x800 (Samsung Galaxy SII/S3 Mini)
•1080x960 (Motorola Droid Razr)
•640x480 (Samsung Galaxy Ace)
•1080x1920 (Samsung Galaxy S4)
•640x1136 (Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s)
•640x960 (Apple iPhone 4/4s)



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Post #312 January 2014, 15:11
thats awesome ...i'm in



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Post #413 January 2014, 18:26
perhaps i am in too.



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Post #516 January 2014, 09:53
Thanks admin for posting contest



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Post #616 January 2014, 11:21
One more contest..
Again hopes

All the best to all
.....................All the best to me too.

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Post #717 January 2014, 04:02
good luck to everyone who has entered this



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All the best to all uploader

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Already in Good luck zedgers and may the best one win



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Ok that's cool

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