IOS 7 what do you think?



Post #119 September 2013, 13:31
Was wondering what people think about it
Do you like it?

I do looks nice and sleek the only thing I don't like is the calander



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Post #220 September 2013, 05:04
ios 7 is perfect .. i like every thing in ios 7



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Post #320 September 2013, 06:06
well as i read actually IOS 7 has a dangerous bug with lockscreen and anybody can access to your photos thru that
it's like when screen is locked you go to settings center , go to clock app and then hold power till the red bar appears and in new page click on cancel and press home button twice so u go in multi tasking and so u can go to camera app and have all pictures without opening lockscreen

i guess apple will fix it soon with iphone OS 7.0.2



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Post #420 September 2013, 06:35
I think it is better than Android an windows



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Post #512 October 2013, 14:35
iOS 7 is great but has so many bugs that is not even funny. When looking at apps in the apps store, the app icons don't even show up.

Yeah the iOS 7 looks colorful and cute but Apple is dropping the ball with so many bugs.



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Post #612 October 2013, 17:13
I like it even need to fix bugs but better than android so far.



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Post #712 October 2013, 17:38
i like it



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iOS7 is ok. I think at the beginning ( when its new 4 u) its s**t! But when u Look at other iphones with iOS6, u think " oh my god my iPhone is so fame pretty and awesome!"
The First Time i saw iOS7 i thought w**f? Terrible! But now i have To say

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