ZEDGE app for windows phone?



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Post #129 June 2013, 06:04
Do they not have an app available for my Verizon Nokia Lumina 822 windows 8 phone? I have looked everywhere and even tried to download it from google play, but it wouldn't download to my phone. It's very frustrating to have to use my laptop to download ringtones, then have to download from pc to phone, then...lol. There surely is an easier way! Help me!



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Post #21 July 2013, 02:14
Hi, The Google play version of the app is for Android phones only.
The one from the apple app store is for the iOs devices.

there is no Zedge application for the windows Phone OS. Maybe there will be in the future, i dont know.
But for now you may try to browse to zedge.net on your phone and download ringtones directly to your Lumia Device.

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