Happy birthday Michael




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Many people walk in and out of your heart s door but only special people leave signs and foot prints on it. The people we love,the people we care, people we cant live without..
He is one of this wonderful persons,i had the luck to meet here on zedge.Pls help me to make his birthday more beautiful,join here with messeges and wishes for Michael,whos gonna celebrate his birthday on 13 march!


I wish you a day
Full of fantasy
Full of hopes
Full of happiness
Full of colors
And wish you a life
like a cozy path
Like a rainbow of
seven colors
I wish you the
future like a star
Shinning and twinkling
I wish you all the
best for vey healthy
and wealthy life.
Happy Birthday To You

You are the reason why im here.Because you are someone i hold dear.To show my happiness i'd like to say,that today is a special day

Happy birthday teddy!

May every birthday reminds you the number of people who Love you ,i am one of them.Wishing you a very happy birthday



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Happy birthday!
God bless you!



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Happy Birthday Michael



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happy birthday to you sir



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Happy birthday



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Happy Birthday . . . May all ur dreams come true . . .

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.......................................Happy Bday To You



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May all your wishes come true!

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Happy Birthday
God bless

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happy birthday


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