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I uploaded a ringtone that was ripped directly off a DVD. It sounds great on mu computer but sounds fuzzy with a lot of background static on my phone - also has low volume. I am using a Motorola RAZR M. All other Zedge ringtones sound great. (someone posted this once before but they were just told their phone was old - my phone is only 3 months old!)

Also, After I uploaded it I search for the exact name entered in its title but it does not come up in a search. Any reason why?



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You mean, that particular ringtone sounds bad and the rest Zedge tones play have a good quality?
If yes, the possile reason is that the ringtone might be having low Kbps rate. On your computer, you can check the Kbps by right clicking the audio, and selecting properties. If the Kbps is lesser than 200 , you have the reason for the poor quality while playing on your cell.

When you uploaded the ringtone, you would have given a few tags to it. Search using those tags. And sort your search results by 'Newest' to check for the most latest ringtones uploaded. And it takes time , like 15-20 minutes, for your upload to be public. So please wait before you search.

There are going to be 1000s of uploads having the same tag. So you need to search every page.
So the easier way is by going to 'My Stuff' in your account to view it.

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