violent video games changes behavior??



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news channel reprt :?A 13-year old boy jumped from the building?s 24th floor and
committed suicide after playing Warcraft III for 36
hours straight. ?A teenager went on a rampage
and killed three men, two of them police officers,
after months of playing Grand Theft Auto. ?A 17-
year-old male killed his mother and wounded his father after they took Halo 3 away from him. ?A 15-
year old ran away from home after his parents took
his Xbox console away. His dead body was found
almost a month after. ?Two kids murdered 13 and
wounded 23 before turning the gun on themselves
acting out their own version Doom. i mean who does that? Non other than a psycho...
i'ma gamer too i play cs for 12hrs straight and here i am all fine writting this crap to you whats ur opinion??Do violent video games lead to behavior change?

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yes you are right .i also play cs for long time.
But i didn't kill any ppl yet

playing video games are ok but they need to take rest .not all the time play games.

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This has been heavily debated since the 80s ~ I particularly like (and mostly agree with) Penn and Teller's opinion. They did an episode debating the effects, and some were quite surprising. Luckily, it's on YouTube! Link below.



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I do not believe that the problem lies solely with the video game. There has to be some sort of pre-existing problem that couples with the addiction to gaming. Parents have a responsibility to teach kids about responsible gaming and take charge of what content they allow their kids to have access to. One of the major problems is that parents fail to help their children understand the difference between the fantasy world in the games and the real world, so the line sometimes becomes blurred. The same thing goes for allowing children to watch professional wrestling. We have to teach our kids that doing the moves we see wrestling stars perform on TV are not safe or appropriate to copy in real life. Cases like the ones you mentioned are extreme in nature and not only do these cases not describe the entirety of the gaming community, they make up a small fraction of violent crimes. There is research that shows that playing video games has positive effects on people including heightened problem-solving and critical thinking skills, reduced stress, and refined motor skills. There are pros and cons to video games and I am sure this topic will continue to be debated long after I'm gone and my future grandchildren have kids. The keys, in my opinion, are moderation and active parenting.



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well , it made me sad when i read what people did , like suicide , and killing people !
but we have consider that when these people cant understand the difference between a game and a real life , its not our problem ! its theirs !
and , no i dont think violent games change our behavior or manner or et-cetera !
i love playing need for speed , but its just a game , it doesnt mean when I'm in the car i drive with maximum speed !
or i love playing call of duty , but it doesnt mean i go out and try to kill an army !
so i think these people are still a child cuz a child's mind travels though a game and thinks that it might be real !



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Bad or misguided people will always manage to use perceived innocent things in the wrong way. A game is merely just that, a game. It is not real life therefore should not be taken as real life. Lack of guidance or a mental condition or something turns a not real action into a real action.

Games are created as leisure products, not to train killers. I love playing some violent games but have NEVER thought of stealing a car or robbing a bank, it is purely virtual. Only an idiot (pardon my language) would think doing something like that would be 'cool' in real life.



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Violent video games and teenage's behavior has been quite a buzz in my country a few years ago. I've heard of many bad news and it broke my heart.
But I don't think video games can change your behavior unless you allow it. And most of the people who let it control their behavior are teenagers, so it is parents's responsibility to guide their children to play games that suitable for their ages. Its all up to you eventually; video games, violent are just outside elements

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