Clearing of memory in nokia



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Phone Nokia 6303. I'm using this phone from last 3 years. No problem till now. Now it is creating a problem. I downloaded a game called Flintoff Power Play cricket. I made a highscore in this game. After exiting the game, when i again open the game there is no highscore which i have made. Similar with the browser too if i second time open the browser the history will be erased. One more problem. I saved some words to dictionary when i'm texting(T9 Dictionary) if i check it now again it is asking to spell it. Anyone can you fix these 3 problems

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your phone need Heavy reset



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nothing to do you need to take your phone to nokia care...



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*#7370# Dial it It will clean Memory in Nokia Devices



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Hey. I played freddie flintoffs power play cricket ,many a times . Its not a problem bro. When u exits the game,it automatically delete the data.

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