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Hi !
I need urgent help , i bought SONY ERRICSON EXPERIA PRO MK16I FROM EBAY.
The phone is imported and i am from india , the dealer says that the phone is unlocked.
Ecert thing works fine but there is a huge network problem.
Phone is gsm and only 2-3 network providers like vodafone and reliance work but the signals are so poor that the call may drop at any second, while using internet signals drops everytime, even on the top floor the signals are poor , just one or two bars some times the bars are full the again the bars are no more.

The phone had android 2.3 operating system which was upgraded by the dealer to 4.0
i used upgraded from sony web side and from software nothing work
it's not working. It's been like this for around 1 months now, and I really want it to work! And i've tried reseting, updating the ROM, changing SIM card and put in a totally new SIM card and it's work but signals drop every time, oh i am so upset.... SIGNAL DROPS EVERY TIME !!
dealer refused to return the phone , i bought the phone from the dealer so it's under seller warranty
the sony service center in india is so poor that they will steal my mobile parts if i will take their help.

i have shown the phone to some local mobile repair experts and some says that network ic is the problem , emei is the problem , some say the phone might not unlocked , some say that do not have the files to solves the problem because the phone is imported.

Is there anyone who can tell me what is the problem with this cellphone
I have tried up every possible way and i am not financially strong to buy a new phone and i don't know who will buy this cellphone if i am ready to sell it ..




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Noo one gons steel ur cell. Psrts at the store go there if ur cell is in warranty period they will replace it for u with the new one ....



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You should always be careful when purchasing Used phones, especially from those whom you don't know and trust.

I had the same issue when i bought a Jail broken Apple Phone though, the apple store refused to even touch it. The local mobile repair shops gave me the same reasons as you were told.
Basically you cant tell what exactly the problem could be unless the phone is examined thoroughly. My phone had some IC problem for the weak network signals. You gotta show it to a trusted mobile repair shop.

And lol, its Sony Service Center !! Nobody can even think of stealing your mobile parts. Better go there first.



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Just Unlock it...Root it....



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I need to unlock BlackBerry curve 8520

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