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Hey what's going on. I was selecting ringtones and notifications on the zedge selection menu, I got there fro setting/sounds/ringtones. I noticed that the zedge ringtones and notifications are combined no matter if I decide to choose a ringtones or a notification. How can I make it so I see only zedge ringtones when I try to select a ringtone, and the same for notifications? Also, when I try to pick notifications or ringtones through Android ones, Zedge ringtones and notifications show up, WHY IS THAT?!?!?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi, if you use the Zedge app to download via mobile phone or mobile version it will help you with 2 different categories separately for ringtones and Notifications.. Try it Thanks!! you can use this link on PC and mobile browser in case you can't find the app >>

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