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Is PRO account can't upload TxT?

I wonder PRO's Should be aloud to upload TXT's n Themes. But then again they shoudnt because PRO accounts are for pro's only (like artists would only need ringtones, video's and wallpapers. So why would comidians or attists need to uploud TXT's Or Themes.)

Quitter | 27.02.09, 14:45

Embedding music,videos and more

Your counter removed for inactivity. they will remove counters from their service if that haven't visited by a new visitor in over 30 days (unless you have Flag Counter Pro). The thing you can do is generate a new Flag Counter. No its not what u said its something else... see the counter i made is new http://s09.flagcounter.com/count/vD1j/bg_212020/txt_11FF00/border

Quitter | 07.12.12, 04:35

i need help with TXT

So i found what TXT i want for my Att LG VU but how do i find the PRO from that txt

Quitter | 15.05.09, 05:41

Pro pic via Email??

I have a iPhone and im very phone dependent lol but I emailed a pic of me to the temporary email it gives me but it disnt do anything?? Or do I txt it to it?? Or just wait?? :/

Noami_LovMeNot | 02.07.13, 02:51

sony ericsson txt pro ck15i

badgirl953 | 15.06.12, 10:51

Sony Ericsson Txt Pro (CK15i)sms Problem

you Can't change message or notification tone in se text pro . moreover the theme also.

Quitter | 19.03.12, 20:56

Camcorder pro!!

Click http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productType=2&optionId=1_4_2&jid=6F4DADDBAD6BFEA2D7D5CAB394A6CE22&platformId=4&osId=466&siteId=1&productId=127583§ionId=0&catalog=20&txtSearch=philips+camcorder&pc=list%5B1%5D_title

Quitter | 18.05.05, 06:21

Phillips cam pro-help??

With the Philips cam pro you can record as much video time as you want..the only limit is your memory on phone or MMC while the default 7610 has a time limit.. read more http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productType=2&optionId=1_4_2&jid=A8F24BXAF4X199X63F879EBBX3922D97&platformId=4&siteId=1&productId=127583§ionId=0&catalog=20&txtSearch=philips&pc=list%5B2%5D_title

Quitter | 22.05.05, 21:07

Wanna install call recorder pro

ya. that prob occurs due to some files are stored in the phone memory. better have a sys explorer. since u have one just go through the phone memory system folder. i cant exactly say the folder coz i dont know wat the folder structure is. but there will be folders such as Data, App, System,etc. so just go inside those and see whether u can file with the name of the SW or a shorten form name. (ex. callpro or callrecorder with an extention like .exe or . mif or .txt likewise) if u delete

Quitter | 09.02.07, 14:30

Samsung GT - b5310 -Corby Pro

download instructions as txt file from dis link... http://www.4shared.com/document/0JXR_kOR/corby_app_install.html hope it wrks 4 u as it wrked 4 me...

Quitter | 13.05.10, 18:27

help to download Sony Ericsson Ck15i

Hello friends, am using Sony Ericsson Ck15i txt pro, where can I get Pc suite and also where can i download apps for this model!! Thanks in Advance..

welkinrajaram | 27.11.12, 15:56

Eti cam recorder

Welcome to Zedge! Now before you start posting more, please read the rules. Its also considered shouting and rude if you use CAPS in your post. And as to answer your question, I suggest you BUY the Philips Camcoder Pro which is much better than ETI. Get it http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productType=2&optionId=1_4_2&jid=FE4B5675XABA528X6B5846FXX352ED7F&platformId=4&siteId=1&productId=127583§ionId=0&catalog=20&txtSearch=ETI+CAMcorder. Also please be advised that to have

Quitter | 20.12.04, 00:37

Series 60 freeware (complete)

I've heard of a few around. here's one http://www.symbianware.com/pro...ypto60&pl=n6260 here's another http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productType=2&optionId=1_4_2&jid=1AF2443A692747F63B1EAXCEB68335D3&platformId=4&siteId=1&osId=688&productId=140307§ionId=1006&catalog=20&txtSearch=Password&pc=list%5B3%5D_title

Quitter | 09.03.05, 04:30

n-gage 2.0 installation guide for s60v3

and discoveries: 1. As I've experienced, NO MORE of the annoying "Unable to start game" error after playing a game! Yes! 2. Also experienced, on my frnds Nokia N71, eventhough I copied the n73_20001079.txt (no landscape mode capability on the previous N-Gage 2.0), and I've NOT deleted the file "C:\Private\10202be9\persists\20001079.cre". The new version gave me the capability to rotate screens on some games! But still, it messed up the display on my screen, IMHO, N71 really doesn't support screen rotations

idzkandar | 27.10.08, 18:20

How to make digital clock theme4biggners

Hi friends today i am going to show you how to make digital clock Here we need macromedia flash 8 pro Step1 http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/1973/51986990.jpg Step2 http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/3340/94453106.jpg Step3 http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/3340/94453106.jpg Step4 http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/4310/55718631.jpg

__Altitude__ | 20.06.10, 13:44

Series 60 freeware

it is a very easy way to get new books onto your phone. The program supports eBooks in the .prc and mobipocket formats (along with a few others. You can organise your eBooks in a library, set bookmarks and easily navigate through any book. There is a Pro version of this software, but it's more than most people need. Some people find the idea of reading an eBook on your phone a bit strange, but once you start you're unlikely to stop. It's great for that 5 minutes on the bus, or waiting for someone when you

burekburek | 29.12.04, 09:31
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