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Win iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Due to continuous work didnt get to join this contest... anyways but for me look on this profile...she created almost perfect wallpapers for iphone 4s main screen... Her all wallpapers looks awesome on my main screen of my iphone 4s..! Not any partiality but its all my favourites... Check out - http://www.zedge.net/profile/_TemptatioN_/ Best of luck to all...!

Quitter | 03.01.13, 06:53

Download problems and answers

I have a question/problem. I have downloaded some ringtones to my pc and have done both saved the file then opened it/them in my iTunes, they show up in my list of Tones in iTunes but when I tried to sync them to my iPhone 4s it says they wasn't able to sync because file could not be found.

Quitter | 17.05.13, 00:30

Links, how to

Hello, I'm brand spanking new to Zedge. All I want to do is download ringtones and install them on my iPhone 4s. I'm having a hard time getting started. I read that I need to download to my favorites. I found a ringtone I like and played it. I did not see any way to download it to my favorites. After I get a ringtone, how do I install it on my phone? I read that one way is to use a cable, but there don't seem to be any instructions on how to do that. I need some sort of tutorial

Quitter | 02.10.14, 22:42

Downloading to iPhone

It has been a while since the other postings. i have a IPhone 4S. Is there an easier way to download the ringtones then going through Itunes? My Droid was very easy to do. If ITunes is the only way could someone please give me detailed instructions on how to download them. Thanks

Quitter | 15.10.11, 04:17

iPhone 4s only uploads one tone?

I've been able to follow the directions and email myself ringtones, open them in iTunes and I find them under the Tones section when my phone is plugged in. However, when I sync, it only allows me to sync one tone to my iPhone. I tried to sync one at a time, unplug, then replug my phone back in and sync'ing the next one, but no matter what I do, each time it erases the one before it and will only sync the latest one that I try. One will sync, the others won't, and a message pops up saying

kayten529 | 09.12.12, 21:38

Zedge - now with iPhone ring tones

Hi, I've just uploaded Zedge and downloaded some tones to iTunes, however, I don't find them on my phone even after synching it. What's going on? iPhone 4s Thanks

Quitter | 21.06.14, 02:27

Wallpaper to iPhone 4s

After downloading the wallpaper from Zedge. I then imported file to iTunes...from my downloaded files. Where did the file go? I can't find it to put into my iPhone 4s. Help please? Very new to the iPhone community.

Alpha_Whiskey | 12.03.12, 00:54

General Chat - 8

It`s kinda okay now Anyways .. I wouldnt either but yeah I had an iPhone 4s now Im thinking of getting iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5 Havent made up my mind yet I have to pay like almost $300 or more to get the one I want But I`ll have to wait to get it cause Im waiting on my check to come

Quitter | 05.05.14, 13:34

Zedge speed improvements??

Im experiencing slow page upload and i have a decent internet speed. Every time i download a few ringtones for my iPhone 4S, after a while, the play button disappears when browsing. Am i doing something wrong? I am using a macbook and own an iPhone 4S. thank you zedge for having this website up and running. What a relief to have other ringtone options for our iPhones! now can we get an app for the the iPhone please.

Quitter | 12.05.12, 18:16

Holiday Wallpaper Contest: Win a Nexus 5

Thats awesome zedge team Common Smartphone Resolutions are: •2160x1920 (HTC One) •1440x1280 (Samsung Galaxy Note II) •960x800 (Samsung Galaxy SII/S3 Mini) •1080x960 (Motorola Droid Razr) •640x480 (Samsung Galaxy Ace) •1080x1920 (Samsung Galaxy S4) •640x1136 (Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s) •640x960 (Apple iPhone 4/4s)

Quitter | 09.01.14, 01:54

transfering iPhone contacts to SIM-Card

I am planning on selling my iPhone 4 but most of my contacts are on the iPhone and not on the sim card. How do I transfer all of my contacts from my iPhone to my sim card? You can't do it on a new iPhone. You have to put them on your itunes. But if your iPhone allows installing third party software (when you have done a so called 'Jailbreak'), you may download a piece of software called iSIM. This will allow you to batch copy all your phone numbers to the iPhone

Quitter | 17.10.11, 04:49

Your views on the new iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

Looks Interesting. Will you guys with the 4s, 5 & 5s be upgrading to the new iPhone 6? iPhone 6 has a 4.7" Screen @ 750 x 1334 ~ 326 ppi iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5" Screen @ 1080 x 1920 ~ 401 ppi OS: iOS 8 Chipset: Apple A8 CPU: Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) GPU: PowerVR GX6650 (hexa-core graphics) RAM: 1GB & 2GB?? Storage: 16GB/64GB/128GB I have wallpapers ready for the iPhone 6...

resaun | 10.09.14, 14:10

How to upload [simple guide]

Hi, I am new here. I just found this site some hours ago. So I uploaded ringtones for my iPhone 4S. I can see them in iTunes (ringtones), but i cannot sync them with the iPhone. What's the mistake? Glad to get an answer! Thanks in advance

Quitter | 19.05.12, 14:49

basic use info?

Hi, when you log in here click on the below link and select the phone model as I-phone 4 or 4s http://www.zedge.net/device-selector/ After selecting the device click on below link to get the ringtones you prefer to download http://www.zedge.net/ringtones/

Quitter | 20.05.14, 10:25

Sending ringtones to my iphone

Me as well! I'd like to have more than just the basic ringtones on my iPhone4s. Trying to put the files in tones is proving to be difficult and they just go straight to music which I can't do anything with. Please help us!!!! D':

Quitter | 25.07.14, 15:05

tonesync won't open

Can anyone please tell me why tonesync will not open for me. I have a Mac running snow leapard, and an iPhone 4s, all of our software is up to date, but when I download tonesync and try to open it nothing happens. Please help. I love the Zedge app and would really like to use it on my new iPhone!!! Thank You

rpiche | 10.04.14, 23:22

tone don't sync with itune

Hi I have an iPhone 4s with iOs 7 I did exactly as described install the program on my win PC and the app on my phone scanned the code with the phone change settings so i can sync from my phone without the cord - works the only thing is that I don't get the tone that i download to my iTunes so they never get sync How can i solve it? Thanks

pashcool | 27.09.13, 12:10

Still says I need ToneSync

Hi there, I have an iPhone 4S and I downloaded Zedge and ToneSync on my computer, etc. I've done the iTunes sync but whenever I open up the app on my phone to download ringtones or notifications, I still get the blocker screen that says I need ToneSync. The QR Code scanned fine and connected with no problem. It also synced with iTunes with no problem, but like I said, I still can't view ringtones or notifications on my phone because I get the white screen that says I need ToneSync. HELP!

Meriwyn | 12.01.14, 07:45

Tonesync wizard not showing up

I am having the same issue. I had to restore my iphone 4s and now tonesync will not work. I did the same by uninstalling it and reinstalling it but NO tutorial or scancode? Have you found a solution? Thank you, Darla I have posted also a similar problem. Initially ToneSync worked for me as well on my Mac and the use of my iPhone 5 until the upgraded or present version. Now my iPhone 5 is not synced nor does the Tonesync.app work on my Mac. I've uninstalled all the old

Quitter | 03.11.13, 20:22

Zedge Tonesync "Downloading"

to your phone from the application, rather than go through all this crap? Any help would be appreciated. I have an iPhone 4S, running iOS 7 (7.0.3). Thanks. I ran Resource Monitor and the B/sec is roughly at 21k (receiving) and sending is at 37.. I have added Zedge Tonesync as an exception in the firewall and the tones are still not showing up in iTunes. I've even disabled my Antivirus (AVG) and disabled my Firewall and it's still not downloading. Can someone please help me with this? It

shathox3x | 30.10.13, 22:56

getting ringtones to my Iphone4s problem

. You should immediately see a new 30-second version of the song. 6. Drag that version out of iTunes and into the folder of your choice. 7. Delete the 30-second version from iTunes and undo the Start Time/Stop Time changes to the original. 8. Open the folder containing the 30-second AAC file you dragged out of iTunes, then change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. Double-click it and it immediately gets added to iTunes' ringtone library. 9. Finally, sync your iPhone. When it's done, you can

Quitter | 28.10.11, 02:30

what is your dream cellphone???

Apple iPhone 4s

Quitter | 26.07.12, 19:58

What your favourtie phone?

Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S.

Quitter | 07.11.12, 13:03

Nokia N8 or Iphone 4G

iPhone 4s but iPhone 5s is comming out its going to be the worls best Mobile!

Quitter | 05.02.12, 16:29

How long have you had your phone?

iPhone 4s 6months

Quitter | 26.06.12, 00:29

Rate My Phone!

7/10 mine is iPhone 4S

Quitter | 18.08.13, 17:24

Guess the next 4 (New)

Yes Next has seen the new iPhone 4S

Quitter | 06.10.11, 09:33

Suggest a Phone.... ..

I Would Say iPhone 4S !

Quitter | 22.01.12, 12:22

do you love the phone you have now

Nothing better than iPhone 4s

Quitter | 26.06.12, 19:08

apple 3gs is best or iphone 4

iPhone 4S is the best....

Quitter | 12.05.12, 10:50
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