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iPhone 3g ringtones

I have a iphone 3g and am trying to download ringtones. I click the get ringtone button, enter the code, hear the ringtone assuming it downloaded onto my phone, and when I go to look for it in my iPhone I can't find it. I looked in my settings under sounds, it brings up my ringtones but none of my downloaded ringtones are in there. Justy stock tones. Where do I find them? Thanks.

Droboy510 | 05.12.09, 05:25

apple iPhone 3G

what is better? the iPhone 3G or the googlephone?

Quitter | 02.10.08, 17:00

iPhone 3G PRO

I think it will announced at the end of June iPhone 3G Pro!

Quitter | 06.04.09, 11:39

iPhone 3G Announced!

Finally! the biggest Apple rumor of this year has come to an end taking the shape of reality i.e. iPhone 3G has been announced by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008. The iPhone 3G is even thinner. It features black plastic back, solid metal buttons, same gorgeous display, camera, flush headphone jack, and improved audio. iPhone 3G also features faster data downloads which makes it perfect for Safari and Mail. iPhone 3G has

Quitter | 09.06.08, 23:45

iPhone 3G question

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, not really sure where to put it. At the moment I have a contract with Three, using a W850i. I know I can't use my sim card in the 1st gen iPhone, since it isn't 3G. I was just wondering if when the new 3G iPhone comes out, I could use it with my sim card. Anyone know if I can or not?

Unintended92 | 11.06.08, 20:09

iPhone 3g with 3 network

Can I use 3s sim with iPhone, plz help me out.

imranqasim1972 | 21.01.10, 13:54

Wallpaper for iPhone 3G S

Well thank you for responding. Don't know why they have them on here for iPhone if they are blocked. I guess that applies to ringtones as well???

rhonda141718 | 14.11.09, 20:44

iPhone 3G Pro (Pre-order)

iPhone 3G Pro Pre-order, is that true? <snipped -Lucero> No links to stores!

skyoong | 02.06.09, 09:48

Red iPhone 3G Pro is to be released?

I heard that the Special Red Edition iPhone 3G Pro will be released soon, if so, will it be 16GB or 32GB? Or, it will have both formats? Will you get this special version instead of a black or white one?

skyoong | 24.04.09, 08:15

iPhone 3G & vodafone

Hi all hope this is the right place to post. what i'd like to know is will the new iPhone 3G work in the UK on Vodafone once it's been unlocked and does anyone know if "MobileMe" would work on vodafone as this is effectively a .Mac account

Towbar | 24.06.08, 18:33

iPhone 3G cases are compatible to 3GS?

Yes, they are perfectlly fit. I got one new iPhone 3G S, and try the old case of 3G, it's ok.

Quitter | 01.07.09, 09:01

iPhone 3GS overheating, iPod touch 3G ?

Does anyone suppose that since iPhone 3G S is out or coming out, anytime soon, a iPod touch 3G would come out? or is the ipod touch just gonna stay and just new firmware (2.0) with the app store and all. I surf on the internet today and found one website sell the cases of iPod Touch 3G. <snip Geoff_999> No links to stores please. Do you have any information about this? Rumor or not? iPod Touch 3rd generation will launch??

dmsjit67 | 03.07.09, 07:56

i-phone 3G, 3.1.3 no wifi

Hello, i just got i-phone (3G-3.1.3) from my boyfriend, he has at&t and i have t-mobile. I cannot unlock this freaking phone! i think i tried everything redsn0w, blackra1N, yellowsn0w, ultrasn0w, sn0wbreeze...ehh...and couple more. Any suggestions?

angelbreath2 | 23.02.10, 00:53

Iphone 3G screensavers

I want some games & more cool wallpapers & some Screen saver & some apps for my iPhone 3g

Quitter | 02.05.10, 09:48

Zedge Video Help

I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone knew any sites for watching Dragonball Z on the iPhone 3G?

Quitter | 03.05.09, 23:02

Ringtones and Iphone 3G

wasi3,... its not as easy a wad you instructed to do it at iTune. iPhone is not lyk any other phone where you can receive mp3, amr or polyphonic to use as a ringtone. the only way to create a ringtone, you have to purchase a song or any sound in the iTune store, then you can use its encrypt app provided in the store to snap parts of the song (if you like). Then only you can drag this into the ringtone folder in the iTune before you can sync it to the iPhone. Unless you are smart to get

Quitter | 12.09.08, 16:09

unlocking iphone 3g

iPhone 3g can be unlocked through Remote Unlocking Method. This method of unlocking is the most safest method for any iPhone model. It is also the most affordable method when compared to other unlocking methods. Remote unlocking can be done from http://www.theunlockspot.com/ This site provides excellent unlocking solutions for all international brand mobile phones and supported international networks at most affordable and reasonable price. The unlocking process is very simple

Quitter | 16.03.12, 05:33

iphone 3g internet

From O2 website: Using iPhone with an O2 Pay & Go SIM card Your iPhone is automatically set to Pay Monthly, so once you've activated the iPhone you'll need to change the settings to Pay & Go to get the things like mobile internet to work. Here's how: * Go to settings menu, choose General * Choose Network, then Cellular Data Network * In the cellular data APN box, change idata.o2.co.uk to payandgo.o2.co.uk - you don't need to change the username and password. * Then

Quitter | 16.08.09, 20:24

Android on iPhone

Already done that on my old 3G, its not worth it

me_mystry | 31.08.10, 04:43

Doubt about iPhone

Sure, it will be possible to use 3G iPhone in 2G network, there is even a switch to disable 3G. iPhone will also preffer to use 2G and switch to 3G only when needed to save battery. If you question was that if 2G only provider will offer 3G iPhone, you should check apple website. There are all countries and operators which will offer iPhone 3G.

Quitter | 28.06.08, 11:14

iPhone Official !

apple are launching a great looking phone!! pity it's not 3G... but i still want one...!!!

Quitter | 10.01.07, 21:23

iPhone 5 features

all features like 12 mp camera /flash 3g as well as 4g etc

Quitter | 07.03.11, 17:43

iPhone Ringtone Downloads

Hello, I was able to sync the ringtone to my iphone (3g) but it doesn't show under the sounds/ringtones section. any ideas? Thanks in advance! * I renamed the file to a shorter file name and it worked. go figure!

Quitter | 12.07.08, 12:47

iPhone Settings Question

i have a jailbroken iphone (1g) and you can browse the installer application for the program that allows you to use a song for an sms tone - although i can't remember the name of the application, or if it's still available, just browse the application installer (mind you, not the application store that the iphone 3g and ver. 2.0 has) for ringtone to sms app. hope this helps and good luck!

Quitter | 17.06.09, 08:57

iPhone Questions ...

i aint got a iphone, but: 1. Wall socket i think 2. No. 3g is better than edge, and u cant use it at the same time 3. Yes 4. Not yet, maybe google may make it... 5. Not sure 6. Yes mp4, i dont think it can play flv 7. The bt sucks. Think u can use it with a bt headset 8. I cant say, i never use the camera on my n95 9. If u install crap onto it, or loading a 10mb page, maybe 10. Dont think so 11. Aint sure, but a lot...

Quitter | 17.06.08, 12:59

Nokia 5800 VS iPhone

hey i have 5800 and before it i have iphone 3g .5800 is To himself Excellent but vs iphone 3g i think it's not a good adversary for iphone i hope I have a good judge

Quitter | 09.07.09, 16:09

iPhone will not restore?

Hey everyone I have an apple iPhone 3g for borrow from my insurance company because my 4 is for repair. I tried to restore it after it didn't want to sync my apps. and as you can guess this went wrong I got an error msg that told me that due to an unknown error my phone couldn't be restored. I found a solution to this after trying everything I could find on the internet and nothing helped. Any way before I tell what helped here are the things you can try: - Try another

Quitter | 04.10.12, 19:30

iPhone and iPod Touch?

they are both very good but the iPhone has 3G the ability to use internet and calls/texts anywhere as the touch is wi-fi only so have to be in a wi-fi area to use internet.

Quitter | 14.12.09, 11:03

Syncing iTunes with iPhone

Man does itunes suck, as i said before i reinstalled it and i get the same result when i close it, it freezes and its not responding. I have no custom ringtones on my iphone 3g, so many thanks for your imput will keep trying it aint gonna beat an Aussie.

Quitter | 13.08.08, 23:03

3G IPhone - Did you buy one ?

my father has iPhone and i think it is stupid,my nokia n81 is better

Quitter | 13.07.08, 19:45
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