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Zedge - now with iPhone ring tones

hey do these ringtones work with iphone 1g.....cause tried the required steps....but the ringtone is not syncing......any help........

Quitter | 03.12.08, 13:41

iPhone 1G jailbroken V1.1.4

my fon was from my sister from alaska coz she have her new 3G... i put on a SMART sim and it worked fine... but when i plugged it in to my PC that has got an iTunes V7.7.1.11 it says "you're iPhone is defected and cannot do any servicing and suggests to take it to a nearest apple store" .... my iphone is still charging though and not defective... im still using it now.... can somebody please give me some HELP... thank you guys in advance!

jedzki | 19.09.08, 10:25

iPhone attack ...

Ok so yesterday I got an iphone which is 16g. I was checking the iPhone selection here And all I find are things for a 1g. Am I still able to use the features for the 16g on this site?

Robinowitz | 25.02.09, 04:01

iPhone Settings Question

i have a jailbroken iphone (1g) and you can browse the installer application for the program that allows you to use a song for an sms tone - although i can't remember the name of the application, or if it's still available, just browse the application installer (mind you, not the application store that the iphone 3g and ver. 2.0 has) for ringtone to sms app. hope this helps and good luck!

Quitter | 17.06.09, 08:57

post what's in your mind this min..

On my mind is my old iPhone 1g.I want to blend him

Quitter | 03.05.09, 14:04

Zedge top 10 phones [UPDATED 20-6-12]

now for a spoiler.... the king of mobiles, the best selling mobile... Apple iPhone 4 is... the ...894th most popular phone on Zedge also Apple iPhone 1G - 100th most popular phone on Zedge Apple iPhone 3G - 67th most popular phone on Zedge Apple iPhone 3G S - 99th most popular phone on Zedge how do you like them apples???

Quitter | 24.07.10, 10:26

theme uploads help...

3mb is nuffin, my fone has 64mb internal, and i have a 1gb memory stick micro in it, i just think its too big 4 the zedge website. i use the themes creator for sony ericsson mobiles. I have NEVER seen ANY theme that big. 1M at MOST. Who cares if YOUR phone has a 1G stick? Good for YOU. Not everybody does. Some phones don't have THAT much room for crap. Just because my V3i has a 512M microSD, I'm not going to upload files that only

Quitter | 30.07.06, 19:26

Ipod Touch 32GB or 2nd Gen Zune 80GB?

in the beginning so what! Now that the entire market is in their 2nd or 3rd generation they've all had time to improve and learn from the first mistakes. Are you going to thumb your nose at an iPhone because it isn't a Motorola? Hey , they all copied Motorola didn't they? Listen, listen to your music the way you like to listen to music and let that be your guide. Yes I have a Zune after playing with several 1st and 2nd gen iPods. Just my personal preference. I have used the WiFi stuff and so what

Quitter | 05.03.09, 04:46
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