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Win iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

http://zedge.net/s/img/forum/ios_competition_2.png To celebrate the release of the ZEDGE for iOS app, we are giving away one Apple iPhone 5 and one Apple iPad Mini! To join the contest you have to upload a wallpaper for any of the new iOS devices* using the upload tool at ZEDGE. Everyone that uploads wallpapers for these iOS devices will be automatically nominated. You'll find all details, rules and more at http://playground.zedge.net UPDATE: The winners are now

Zedge | 11.12.12, 14:02

ipad 3 vs ipad Mini

iPad 3 is awesome :-)

Quitter | 15.01.13, 08:40

Unable to Connect

I upgrade yesterday the Zedge app from Google Play, and I want try the new version. When I starting the Zedge has say: Unable to Connect. Zedge servers cannot be reached, Please try again shortly. I try remove and reinstall, and restore early version also, but the stand changeless. Whats is the problem? The Zedge working right in iPad mini...

csakoska | 05.12.13, 06:58

your favourite gadget?

iPhone, iPad mini. . ... .. .

Quitter | 12.01.14, 23:45

Whats In Your Pocket???

I pad mini

Quitter | 26.12.14, 14:20

the last thing you bought was...

I order a new Apple iPad mini on Amazon

Quitter | 03.04.14, 14:07

IPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII

I'm now using iPad Mini. S3 is far better. it has replacable battery and 32GB microSD card options. Also buy the best accessories wid da left money.

Quitter | 01.11.12, 14:50

Best iOS Games

Hello let's share some good suggestions for iOS Games. What you guys say? I usually download new stuff every month and play for a while till it gets either repetitive or worth keeping... So far I've kept these : (on my iPad mini) 3D Games Folder: N.O.V.A. 3 Smash Hit EPOCH.2 Survivalcraft Disassembly 2D Games Folder: MageGauntlet Battleheart Sonic 2 Toast Time Frontiers HD Piano Tiles Toast Time Monument Mutiplayer Folder: Monopoly Game of Life Marble Mixer Slice

KaSxP | 10.07.14, 00:19
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