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How remove Battery from SE Xperia X10 m

Your answer is here! Replace x10 mini battery!

Quitter | 21.06.12, 07:10

Xperia X10 2.1 problems

i have xperia x10 mini and not entered to android market pliz someone tell me what i must to do....plizzzzz

Quitter | 09.04.12, 19:48

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Series

i have X10 mini pro ..........Very POOR battery back UP ........otherwise great FONE....

Quitter | 07.04.12, 14:29

i want android 2.3( can someone help)

Peace Be Upon You All Everyone. I just want to ask about if there a possibility to install Android 2.3 Os on my Xperia x10 mini pro i just want to know the right steps. Thank you everyone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTfAMxEUae8&feature=related its shown in this video, actually you cant Upgrade to 2.3 Normally, but it can be done by some other methods. watch the vid. maybe it can help you

Quitter | 22.09.11, 02:54

Android 2.2 possible on X10 mini?

Unfortunately, Sony Ericsson has no plans to install Android 2.2 into the Xperia X10 Mini pro... Since they did confirm they won't be making it for the normal X10. However, you can officially update it to Android 2.1. The only way to get Android 2.2 is if you root your phone and install a custom ROM. But, I'm not sure if this would work since the screen is so small. -thomas-

Quitter | 06.07.11, 20:19

Android app needed!

The xperia X10 mini does not have a zoom feature.The mini versions dont have all the things the normal version would have. the camera itself does not support zooming, so no application can do that either. zooming after a picture has been shot, is possible. i think it was by tapping onto the pic. so i guess if u really need the zoom feature that you should get another phone maybe

Quitter | 29.06.11, 01:50

Android App needed

Hey friends, I recently bought SE xperia x10 mini pro, and found out that its doesnot have the feature of optical zoom in camera. . please suggest me some camera zooming android apps for this phone. .and the wesite from where i can get it Please help! Thanks alot

Enigma_rox | 28.06.11, 22:21

best 5 mega pixel phone

I've got Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini pro. .

Enigma_rox | 28.06.11, 22:18

the last thing you bought was...

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini

Quitter | 22.05.11, 18:06

what do u guys think abt xperia x10mini

no theme for x10 mini pro

Quitter | 19.05.11, 06:28

looking for a new cell phone

I decided to take @_Maps_ advice, so I bought Xperia x10 mini pro and I have to say that I love it! Its one great phone! Only thing I dont like so far is that it has no camera zoom, but that doesnt matter to me so much, so I must say that I'm pretty satisfied! Thanks a lot for the help guys!

Quitter | 13.03.11, 11:51

What phone has good internet experience?

Man , here we ae turning into a larger stuff , I like Ipads , but when it came for purchasing it > I bought what I am using RIGHT NOW " MAC BOOK AIR 13'' " big screens aren't mobiles , Macbook air is also slim , U can install all ur stuff & use flash memory with 256 Giga byte of Ram chips, Really a great invention > battery life up to a week on closed Led or 7 hours of work with the keyboard buttons lighting & the screen at it's High brightness mode , Now Guys I have Xperia X10 mini

Quitter | 08.01.11, 21:21

Welcome to the Android forum

I like to buy xperia x10 mini.

Quitter | 28.12.10, 02:07

Put Ur Theme Request Here

Are you working on the themes creating tool in order to provide them for further phone models (such as SE Xperia X10 mini pro)?

Quitter | 26.11.10, 18:16

What your favourtie phone?

SE Xperia X10 mini, runs on Android..

Quitter | 31.08.10, 12:59

Nokia 5800 VS iPhone

Go for new SE Xperia X10 mini rs 14000 only

Quitter | 10.06.10, 07:48

SE Xperia X10 (aka X3 & Rachael)

So, the X1 was killed at birth (but resurrected by xda-devs ), the Xperia X2 is due before Christmas 2009, but is basically an X1 with better build quality but without the flexibility. Now here is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 (Rachael) And it looks beautiful SE Xperia X10

seras_revenge | 03.10.09, 22:59
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