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Looking for themes for O2 XDA MINI S

Quitter | 02.03.10, 08:35

Xda mini

Hi everyone does anyone know of any websites that have free downloads for the O2 xda mini pocket pc? thanks

admyrd | 18.07.05, 13:50

o2 xda mini s

Hi Ya'll... I'm thinkin of gettin the xda mini s as my next phone. Anyone think that is a stupid idea??

littlec | 01.06.06, 20:45

O2 XDA mini s

i jus bought an O2 XDA mini s..but unable to find its themes on the internet..there are no free themes available or any free software available..so plzz help me out....

ufff | 10.05.07, 14:37

o2 XDA mini s theme

Could anyone tell me where can i get themes for o2 xda mini s Thank you

ffocco | 05.06.06, 13:27

about our xda II mini

? iv tried F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus for Smartphone 2003 2.2 but my pda cannot read it.. it says it is not a CE setup file when the site clearly says its ok for O2 xda II mini. Thank you for replying.. i appreciate it very much giving me some advice about this pain in my ass.

milo1830 | 26.11.07, 07:57

Pls rescue my O2 xda mini S

check out xda-developers.com

62d763ea2fe8cc | 01.03.08, 10:19

FS Caller for O2 XDA MINI S

Hey guys can any one tell me where will i find a FScaller software for a O@ XDA MINI S cell....i also wanted to know about the other softwrae downloads alos available for free..

anishagrawal | 22.07.06, 14:03

MP3 Player for o2 XDA Mini S

I have an o2 XDA Mini S love it! only problem really is that with windows mobile media player you can't save playlists. anyone seen any mp3 software to download that supports saving playlists? thanks to anyone who can help or suggest other sites to try

ukff_tornado | 18.06.07, 12:00

need to format my xda ii mini

any one who can help me on how to format my xda ii mini.it just went off the other night and does not open anymore. i had it checked and i was told that it should be reformat. any softwares that i can use so i can format it myself. many thanks!!!

kixster | 08.10.08, 15:00

NEW: Zedge Mobile

haiii...coollll..but..how about phone O2 xda mini...themes?plsss..

Quitter | 24.11.07, 14:37

P910i or o2 xda lls

The o2 XDA II or the mini would be a great fone and i personally love the mini. but if you say that you aren't very gizmo-savvy and will never truly harness the o2, go for the p910i. no sense in paying that bit extra if you're not going to use it

Quitter | 02.05.05, 07:41

theme for sony ericsson xperia mini 1o

There is information about it on this Forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?s=9def158d7ace1643ab92757e13902741&t=849223 good luck

Quitter | 31.12.11, 12:21

What smartphone do you have?

O2 XDA mini S, this probably best smart phone i had. The only bad point is battery life.

ffocco | 05.06.06, 13:15

Best of the best among mobile phones (round 1-part 2)

1. samsung d500 2. nokia 6230i 3. SE k750i 4. moto e1000 5. siemens sk65 6. xda II mini 7. xda II

Quitter | 07.06.05, 13:47

What's the first phone you ever had ?

My very first mobile was O2 XDA II mini a windows mobile & currently I am using Nokia 5130. But both the phones rock

Quitter | 09.07.10, 17:39

Advice on pocket pc

If you need everything, then go for O2 Xda IIi. If you want a smaller phone and less expensive, then go for O2 Xda II Mini. http://www.seeo2.com These are the best in Pocket PC.

Quitter | 02.10.05, 13:35


Hey guys can any one tell me where will i find a FScaller software for a O@ XDA MINI S cell....i also wanted to know about the other softwrae downloads alos available for free..

anishagrawal | 24.07.06, 06:36

help me guys

where can I find a Update for my O2 XDA 2 mini? my firmware is 1.11 something? I hope you guys can help me asap. thanks

Quitter | 30.06.08, 08:47

Which is the best & worst phone in your opinion ?

Gish, if ur lookin at a pda or smartfone, why not consider the 7710 or the o2 xda II mini? if the camera's your only concern tho, u can't beat the s700i. by the way, the 7710's cam is 1 MP and the o2 xda II mini's is 1.3 MP (just in case u wanted to know!)

Quitter | 14.02.05, 20:37

2 mobile headset

I have a nokia n81 8gb for personal use and 02 xda mini for work (my girlfriend made above post for me) I dont mean speak to two people at once i mean have a connection to two phones but only answer one at a time, its really annoying when driving if headset connected to work phone and my own phone rings it means i have to pull over. i tried connecting my jabra bt 250v to the xda which worked fine but then tried to put it in discoverable again to connect nokia but it then disconnected from

Quitter | 14.12.07, 23:12

What your favourtie phone?

Ya i like the k700i too...and this sounds slightly wishful, but i really like the upcoming SE k750i...i like the o2 xda II mini too...but it'd be disrespectful to call it a fone

Quitter | 28.02.05, 03:32

K700i memory?

I'd dearly luv to but i think i'll wait awhile...it'll be too pricey when first released...but i'd also think of an o2 xda 2 mini (wonder if o2 have something new in the pipeline)

Quitter | 02.03.05, 07:34

Compare for sony ericsson and samsung

Have never used anything else other than NOKIA, so am pritty tempted to go for something new... Am thinking of going for O2 XDA 2 Mini but samsung D500 is coming pritty cheap here in india justa little expencive than the 7610. am really confused...

Quitter | 12.04.05, 07:36

Contact manager Download

Hi everyone, does anyone know where i can get a good contacts manager for my xda mini s. basically windows mobile 5. I need to put contacts on my pc so i can sort them out and then put them back on phone. Any ideas???

littlec | 03.08.06, 17:04

Best of the best among mobile phones (round 2)

Ill start... 1. SE S700i 2. Moto E1000 3. XDA II mini 4. Nokia 6630 5. Nokia 6230i 6. Nokia 6681 7. Samsung D500

mutantis | 08.06.05, 14:11

Facewarp for Non cybershot phones

Anyone aware of anywhere to get some version of the Facewarp program that comes on the K800i/K810i. I'm looking for it to either working on my o2 XDA Mini S, LG Chocolate, Nokia 6230i or Nokia N95. Thanks to anyone who can help

ukff_tornado | 16.06.07, 13:17

How remove Battery from SE Xperia X10 m

Your answer is here! Replace x10 mini battery!

Quitter | 21.06.12, 07:10

What are benefit of window smartphone?

well im just confused about windows OS... coz windows mobile OS has 2 version the smartphone and the other is pocket pc... but i notice that some of us are actually using pocket pc than smarphone... but for me i prefer windows mobile pocket pc edition.. coz pocket pc has more software and games to be downloaded than the smartphone... and im totally satified with my 2 windows mobile pocket pc pda... (xda II mini and XDA II)... and i like this windows pocket pc edition.. coz you can install

Quitter | 04.08.07, 17:31

Nokia 6230i

Say cml, a wierd thing happened today...went to a shop to check out some fones n stuff, and from a distance i saw a fone touted as an imate ijam or sthg like that and i cud have sworn it was an o2 xda2 mini. so i went up close and sure enuff it was an o2! the owner had put some sorta tape over the o2 and xdaII signage on the fone. my question is, was the fellow making a fool of his customers or are these two fones the same thing. as far as i know, they're different, right? so wat the heck just

Quitter | 08.03.05, 20:32
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