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640x960 wallpapers being sent to private

maximum of my 640x960 resolution wallpapers have been removed from the zedge website and are sent to 'private'. although, same wallparers of different resolution are still there on the site. none of my wallpaper were offensive or sexually explicit... even many of my spritual wallpapers have been removed... i think someone is putting flag or reporting my wallpapers with some issues. bt all my wallpaers were of high quality n being liked by public n there was good response from them

virendrakvar | 29.12.12, 15:31

What would you change on Zedge

I am an iPhone4 user, and I'd love to see a search or browse option for HD / Hi-Res wallpapers (640x960+)

Quitter | 05.04.11, 23:55

Cellphones 640x960 Urgent!!!!

If you remember the zCode, you can easily search with it and get that wallpaper. Probably Iphone 4 and 4s are the only phones that have 640x960 screen resolution.

Quitter | 18.11.12, 07:37

Win iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

So...what if you have an Android, but not an Apple device. Can you still qualify? Just upload wallpapers of following sizes to participate- 1. 640x960 2. 640x1136 3. 1024x1024 and 4. 2048x2048. If you upload any wallpapers of those sizes you will participate in the contest automatically.It doesn't mattes which device you've got.

Quitter | 13.12.12, 05:46

REQUESTS - your wallpaper requests here

Well I try to find a zebra wallpaper that I lost a lot of time. I don't remember the name of the mobile model. But I remember I downloaded this wallpaper with other zebra girly wallpaper named You_Are_Amazing with 640x960 dimensions. Please help me find the wallpaper Yor_Are_Amazing and I know I'm gonna find the other because it's the same phone. It's dificult to me try to find the wallpaper try to finding phones with that dimensions. Please help me... U can't help me with a list of all

LadyAmarilys | 20.11.12, 03:18

S40, S60 or S80? find out here

asian_prince, the phones may be similarly named, but the 6230i is a much more up-to-date version, because it has been rethought and redone: 6230/6230b have VGA (640X480)cameras and the 6230i has a 1.3 megapixal (1280X960) camera. Screen resolutions are both 65,536 colors but the 6230i sports 208X208 pixels as opposed to the 128X128 pixels the 6230/6230b. 6230/6230b have an internal memory of 8MB and supports of to 256MB MMC capacity (as suggested by Nokia and without

Quitter | 18.05.07, 14:30

Can't Upload Wallpaper or Ringtones

I can't upload wallpaper it keeps telling me to small i uploaded a wallpaper of 1080x960. Plz help!

Quitter | 09.07.13, 03:35

Holiday Wallpaper Contest: Win a Nexus 5

Thats awesome zedge team Common Smartphone Resolutions are: •2160x1920 (HTC One) •1440x1280 (Samsung Galaxy Note II) •960x800 (Samsung Galaxy SII/S3 Mini) •1080x960 (Motorola Droid Razr) •640x480 (Samsung Galaxy Ace) •1080x1920 (Samsung Galaxy S4) •640x1136 (Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s) •640x960 (Apple iPhone 4/4s)

Quitter | 09.01.14, 01:54

Phones database

HI The Motorola E1000 specifications are wrong in phones database. The correct are: Network: UMTS 2100 - GSM 900/1800/1900 Size: 114x52x23mm Weight: 140g No. colors: TFT, 256K colors Display: 240x320 pixels Bluetooth: yes IrDA: no USB Connection: yes GPRS: yes, GPRS (2U/4D, Class 10, B) Java: yes, MIDP 2.0 FM Radio: No MP3 Player: yes Memory Card: yes, Transflash Camera: 1.3 MP, 1280x960 pixels, flash Video recording: yes Ringtones: Polyphonic, MP3, MIDI, AAC, WMA, AMR

gsox | 20.06.05, 11:01

Help!..Have a Droid Razr....

There are more phones with 480x800 resolution than there are with 500x960, so there are more people uploading that size wallpapers.

Geoff_999 | 15.01.12, 18:57

Sony Xperia P wallpapers?

I was right, it is the width x2. The 1080x960 size fits the xperia P. Cheers, Geoff_!

zamzung | 15.06.12, 19:30

Share Your Desktop Wallpapers

this is my desktop wallpaper... http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/pau_1018/davidcook_1280x960.jpg?t=1212419606

Quitter | 02.06.08, 15:14

What to choose....???

Similrly d 6230i supposdly is a 1.3mp cam bt d image resolution/size is mch highr thn 1280x960

Quitter | 19.10.05, 13:44

Sony ericsson p910i

Huh? it HAS a VGA camera... 0.3 megapixels at 640x480. that SUCKS dude... =/ my s700i has got a 1.3 megapixel camera, 1280x960, and I barely think it qualifies.

Quitter | 14.04.05, 13:07

Word Pic Word Game

- red chrysler - redline

Quitter | 28.11.07, 22:01

Uploadng wallpaper for Iphone 4 help!!!

What am I doing wrong? I make a wallpaper for the the iphone 4. 640X960px and when I go to upload it wants me to select the bit to up load, WTF it is the right size, if I make it smaller it tells me it is to small, if I shrink the wallpaper in a 640x960 frame what size has it got to be so it can be uploaded the full size to get the complete photo???

Aussabo | 12.09.10, 13:48

Is the k700i really a 1mega pixel camera

U r right, dear mod! but as far as the resolutions are concerned, 1 megapixel, by default gives 1154x860 px while 1.3 megapixel gives 1280x960 px as true images... not resized ones.... that was all i tried 2 say

Quitter | 23.07.05, 14:58

How to increase pixel in 6260

Yes webmaster2you, i have tried all softwares. All of them are working well on 6260. Photo Right Sp 5.18 and Photographer have a greater zoom than mobile's default zoom. But you should must rememeber that this digital zooming is based on the expense of photo quality. PhotoAcute is not take the photo in 1280x960, But when you take the photo from this software, after that you have to processed that photo in your mobile to convert it into 1280x960. This is a nice software. dear akshay123456789

raza123 | 20.11.05, 19:59

K700i memory?

dnt use d 1280x960 settng while takng pictures it's not like u shudn't use the "extended mode" (as SE calls it)setting...its just that if u wanna u use it, do so...only make sure that once ur thru taking fotos, transfer em onto ur pc/notebook..

Quitter | 02.03.05, 05:10

Nokia 6230 .nth themes

Since ths thread is a 6230 thread i hv a question d resolution/size of an image taken wth a 6230i is mch more thn 1 tkn wth d s700i although both r 1.3mp cams :? usually 1.3mp cam images r 1280x960 does ths mean tht d 6230i cam is more thn 1.3mp

Quitter | 19.10.05, 12:28

Which is the best car in NFS MostWanted

BMW M3 and Lamborghini

Quitter | 27.12.09, 01:03

U2 or Linkin Park

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Xqd6jFu3_h6AgM:http://people.freenet.de/straszi/Bilder/Wallpaper/linkin1/Linkin%20Park%201280x960.jpg&t=1linkin park sure

Quitter | 23.09.10, 11:59

iPhone 4 Wallpapers

There seems to be something wrong with uploading the proper resolution of 640x960 for the iPhone 4, the uploader won't properly allow you to select the whole image. Usually, the uploader in the right-hand column will state the necessary resolution (i.e. 320x480xpx), for the new iPhone it just states (xpx). Has anyone encountered this problem? I've notified Zedge but they haven't replied.

filmcriticsays | 29.06.10, 00:10

Samsung Rogue SCH-U960

Here is what I did, started with a 960x960 image and setup guidelines (I used Corel PhotoPaint) at 190px and 770px vertically and horizontally and then you can get an idea of where the image will lay when you flip the phone each direction. Here is the first wallpaper I made (needed a Jimmy wallpaper since I just saw him in concert) And here is what it looks like with the guidelines

Quitter | 25.09.09, 20:28

K700i, 3230 or d500?

.97 MP Camera .Well if u compare the photo of a k700i & d500 , k700i wins. MP camera doesnot means that the photo will always be great. i agree with you in bits fonetic and not so much in others. yup, all-round entertainment wise, the k700i is hard to beat. great connectivity, brilliant screen, blah blah blah. but i don't buy the MP camera bit. the extended 1280x960 picture mode simply interpolates the 640x480 VGA image. the k700i isn't a true blue MP fone. the picture quality

Quitter | 09.05.05, 12:47

Best car ever made

Quitter | 11.04.07, 02:23

K700i or d500

"D500 is probably the sexiest phone i have ever laid my hands on.. " That is absolutelly tru, and it is the main difference between D500 and K700... The sliding mechanism is awesome (ProSlide, as Siemens calls it drom the SL55, also a sexy (old) phone)... As for your questions: 1) K700 does have a photo size option of 1280x960, as you said by interpolation, not optical, like you probably suspect it is software interpolation, so, as you might expect the results aren't very good, altough

Quitter | 27.07.05, 18:19

6270 or 6630

6630 is better than 6270 in all ways dont do this mistake i also did this of trading my 6630 for w800 and now i am repenting due to its small screen size and no symbian. Youre smoking crack, man ;) 6630: 900/1800/1900/WCDMA 6270: 850/900/1800/1900 (WORLDBAND) 6630: 65,536 colors 6270: 256K colors (thats 256,000) Infrared: 6630? NO Infrared: 6270? YES MP3 Player: 6630 NO MP3 Player: 6270? YES Memory Card : 6630? NO Memory Card : 6270? YES Camera 6630? 1280x960 px Camera

Quitter | 13.01.06, 21:36

Your PC specs (and pics!)

Well there is more then one PC connected to my LAN ;) There are three workstations, one at 2,5 GHz and the other two at 3,2 GHz; all of them are Intel P4 HT, 2GB RAMBUS 1066MHz on each. Graphics are powered by a Matrox Parhelia 512 in one and ATI Radeon X800 in the others. The Matrox runs on three monitors using its Triple Head (3840x960 desktop ftw!), and the X800 are hooked up to a single monitor each. Then there is a server, a low profile PIII at 900MHz and 512MB of RAM - enough

Quitter | 12.02.08, 03:59

moto e1000 good phone?

microSD (TransFlash), buy memory - 16 MB shared memory Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps HSCSD No EDGE No 3G Yes, 384 kbps WLAN No Bluetooth Yes, v1.1 Infrared port No USB Yes Features Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML Games Yes + downloadable, order now Colors Black Camera 1.2 MP, 1280x960 pixels, video, flash - GPS function - Java MIDP 2.0 - MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player - Organizer - Calculator - T9 - Voice memo/dail - Built

Quitter | 07.08.07, 10:35
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