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How can i download images at 128x128?

lecram1971 | 26.09.05, 01:40

128x128 pictures

This site is full of them. Select T610/T630 K500 as the phone model. They all use the same wallpapers 128x128

Quitter | 15.10.05, 10:14

128x128 stupid people

oy man.. what kind of stupid people are putting 128x128 wallpapers for z520 sony ericsson phones? the phone's ressolution is 128x160 so what the hell are 128x128 wallpapers doing in the z520 category? man, be a little more attentive when you upload incompatible wallpapers... think a little bit before uploading. oh.. and remember kids. don't do drugs

razvanc87 | 17.06.06, 09:39


4all2all | 18.05.06, 10:34

Is your device not supported? Post here!

Kyocera kx16 what can i use? Resolution is 128x128

Quitter | 06.11.07, 14:18

What would you change on Zedge

Zedge has everything ... from themes, ringtones, videos, wallpapers and txts to site tools : theme maker, ringtone maker, voice maker, screen saver maker, wallpaper maker If zedge let it members to upload animated gifs ( but with a screen zise to fit a mobile screen ex : 205x205, 128x128, 240x320 and so on ... ) zedge will be more powerfull and more atractive then ever. I know it has a section where you cand create screen saver but there is only a text and you can choose a background image

Quitter | 30.09.09, 08:39

How can i download images at 128x128?

I randomly downloaded some K300i wallpapers and they all came up as 128x128. Phone also recognized them as 128x128. Which images are you trying to download exactly?

Quitter | 26.09.05, 13:22

Convert games to 128x128 resolution?

screen, because it looks like it's formated for 128x128. The other games, however, seems to be made for larger screens and bigger resolutions. I checked some cellphone game websites, and they say that those games (like XIII or Splinter Cell) have versions for Large, Medium and Small screens, and they had screenshots of each and stuff. It seems like the versions that I have on my cellphone of those games are for larger screens than the one on my V180. So the question is: How do I convert those .jar

jutendouji | 02.09.05, 22:31

plz end some 160x128 games

ukula | 27.01.08, 20:01

REQUESTS - your wallpaper requests here

hello ,the wallpapers for SE J300 is size 128x96 not 128x128,that only match for screensaver,i hope you change the size,thanks and keep it cool...

Quitter | 14.10.08, 20:12

my favourite screensaver size 176x220

128x160 Because... nothing special... Maybe 128x128 or 320x240... but

Quitter | 24.05.07, 00:26

S40, S60 or S80? find out here

asian_prince, the phones may be similarly named, but the 6230i is a much more up-to-date version, because it has been rethought and redone: 6230/6230b have VGA (640X480)cameras and the 6230i has a 1.3 megapixal (1280X960) camera. Screen resolutions are both 65,536 colors but the 6230i sports 208X208 pixels as opposed to the 128X128 pixels the 6230/6230b. 6230/6230b have an internal memory of 8MB and supports of to 256MB MMC capacity (as suggested by Nokia and without

Quitter | 18.05.07, 14:30

pantech C300

The ringtones will work And the 128x128 wallpapers

Geoff_999 | 07.10.06, 09:36


Try to set this size 128x128 pixel

Quitter | 12.11.05, 09:15

Zedge 3.0 Feedback

Nice look, but is it possible to add the format (128x128, ... ) for wallpapers search? It was possible in the old version... (sorry for my bad English ^_^'''). Bye!!

Quitter | 21.04.08, 07:44

NEW: More ScreenSaver sizes

hi can you just add a screensavers with the size of 128x128 for my nokia 7250 and also for the 40series....many n40series users are hoping for that..thanks and godbless...

Quitter | 14.02.07, 01:43

NEW: Zedge Mobile

I am able to access the site and download just fine, but my only problem is the wallpapers it shows me are 128x128 and I need 176x220. How can I fix this?

Quitter | 05.02.07, 08:38

Wallpaper size - nokia 6230i

I've now searched zedge for other nokia themes, and the 7260 have themes (Isn't it a series 40?). At least the 7260 themes have the same .nth ending as 6230i, and it can be used on my 6230i. But since the resolution of 7260 is 128x128, it dosen't look good at all (small pic in the midle of the screen)...

jaw406 | 21.04.05, 09:52

Resize wallpaper for siemens sl65

Hi every1. I'm from Hungary. I like the site very much but... i have only 1 problem. Couldn't you resize the wallpapers for Siemens SL65 to 130x130? Cause the phone's display is this size not 128x128. Not much bigger but it would be much more easier to have a full screen image on the phone. Anyway, it's the best site i've (and i hope- I will) ever seen so keep it on guys. Thenx Qwad

qwaddd | 09.04.06, 13:08

Thanks! abt 6230i questions

the 6230i themes are in the .nol format it's .nth, not .nol also, if you were to make a ser 40 theme for say a 7260, wouldn't the dimensions of images clash? e.g: standby image of 128x128 (7260) VS standby image of 208x208 for the 6230i

Quitter | 19.06.05, 06:54

Cingular nokia 3120 wallpaper resolution problem

All the wallpapers i looked at were 128x128 so not sure what the problem is.

Quitter | 10.08.05, 17:00

Theme upload error

Yeah, I have that problem too. But, the problem is upload a wallpaper. I'm not upload the 128x128 (my phone) wallpaper, but, it can't. Any suggestion?

Quitter | 09.08.06, 06:44

How to report incorrect wallpaper sizes?

Technical error but not one that will prevent you from downloading wallpapers. Select another phone that uses 128x128. All files of a given size are shown regardless of what model has been choosen.

Quitter | 04.01.06, 17:59

Wrong wallpaper resolution

Zedge has the wrong resolution for Samsung SGH-E316. It shows as 128x160, but the phone actually uses 128x128. (I reported this problem 3 years ago, but it's still not fixed.)

pdlittell | 09.05.08, 16:22

Give your feedback - Win an iPOD nano!

listed as 128x160 when it's wallpaper size is actually 128x128 (the wallpaper does not use the entire display area). (Not a big deal now that I can specify dimensions instead of phone model )

pdlittell | 27.04.06, 18:03

Any cingular users able to connect?

Ok, I got the picture message after 4 hours. But I sent it as a 128x128 and I got it as a 35 x 35 or something that tiny! I do receive full size multimiedia messages via direct multimedia messaging though, that is from phone to phone. Does anyone know why? Thanks.

Quitter | 04.03.05, 20:43

Cannot upload themes...help, please.

Somehow, I cannot upload themes. Or am I missing something here? I'm supposed to upload themes for Nokia Series 60 (176x208). The upload page says: >> Select theme file - File type: nth, max 200kb Question: Is this where I am supposed to enter the *.sis file? And what is that "nth"? Or am I really missing something here? And max of 200kb? That's kinda small... >> Screenshots Question: Why do the screenshots have to be 128x128 px? That's a "square" right

shioan | 15.04.06, 16:22

Download failed - jad, jar

KzUA?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="420" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"> https://s3.amazonaws.com/luuux-original-files/bookmarklet_uploaded/free-download-java-games-for-mobile-phone_-jar-formated-all-type-model-size-sreen-multiscreen-128x128-128x160-176x220-176x160-240x320-320x640.png

Quitter | 07.09.12, 06:38

What does mean Theme File??plz heeelpp!!

the .sis /.sisx file , if you have created a theme under 600kb you can upload it on zedge that is not right about the file size it depend on what u will upload here under S40 128X128 600 kb S40 208x208 1000kb S60 3rd 2000 kb S60 5th 4000

Quitter | 15.05.09, 11:24

Downloading wallpapers in resolutions

google it dude "imagename 128X128"

Quitter | 08.05.08, 05:22
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