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SE W518a Themes

Ella28 | 10.10.09, 22:20

What replaced the SE z750a?

Does the W518a have the same screen dimensions of 240x320 screen?

latinaartemis | 01.11.09, 19:41

I cant set my ringtone AS a ringtone

Hello there. My question is I can't seem to find in the FAQ, is that when I download a ringtone for my Sony Ericsson W518a, it would just be a mp3 icon, not as a ringtone the icon of a phone. And when I try to select it for a ringtone, its unable to be selected.. .

Why515 | 23.05.10, 02:54

Problem Can't use my downloaded rigtones

I'm having the same problem with my Sony Ericsson W518a, I even made one on here and it still will not let me place it as the ringtone. It'll let me use it as an alarm, or text but not as a ringtone. So if anyone helps you out let me know as well!! I'm probably going to download a ringtone maker and see if I can change the format to a smaller size or to a different type of media.

Quitter | 28.06.10, 15:49

install flash on

a little tutorial on how to install flash menus on your sony ericsson a2 phone.here are some phones that are supported- A2 v1/DB3150 phones: C702, C902, G502 , K630, K660, K850, T700, V640, W595, W760, W890, W902, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780. A2 DB3200 phones: F100 (Jalou), J105 (Naite), T707, TM717, W508, W518 A2 v2/DB3210 phones: C510 ,C901, C903, C905, G705, T715, W705, W715, W995 installing Flash Menu: 1. Connect your phone to A2Uploader by inserting usb cable into computer

jeetlebuice | 18.04.11, 08:56
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